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Quality Vs Quantity Sex - Which Is More Satisfying In Bed?

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Quality Vs Quantity Sex - Which Is More Satisfying In Bed?

Sexual satisfaction plays a very important role in a romantic relationship. It has been linked with lower divorce rates, more intimacy, and long lasting relationships. Sexual satisfaction in men and women is negatively affected by various factors such as heart diseases, Thyroid, and depression, among others. So it can be said that overall, physically and mentally, healthy people experience greater amounts of sexual satisfaction.

Sexual satisfaction mainly depends on two things for most couples - the quality of sex and the frequency at which they have it.

Quantity - The quantity of sex is a relative term as it varies from person to person. Sex encapsulates a lot of things such as oral sex, stimulation of the genitals, kissing and caressing. For some genital stimulation may count as sex whereas for others it may not count as a sexual act. It also varies according to the age of the person and the relationship. In usual cases, the sexual frequency between two partners tends to be higher in the early stages while gradually diminishing with time. However, when talking about quantity, the frequency of sex leading to satisfaction varies from couple to couple.

Quality - Quality of sex essentially means the gratification and satisfaction that one experiences during and after sexual intercourse. Quality of sex is linked with feelings of well-being and increased levels of love for the partner. Communication plays a major role in this regard such as deciding on the sexual positions that would lead to more gratification. Making compromises like stepping out from the usual and experimenting according to your partner's wishes may also help in improving the quality of sex.

Though most studies reveal that women are more inclined towards the quality of sex, and men prefer quantity. But in reality, which of the two will give greater satisfaction solely depends on you and your partner's preferences. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a sexologist.

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