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Psoriasis And Homeopathy - What All Should You Know?

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Psoriasis And Homeopathy - What All Should You Know?

When you think of organs of the body, the mind goes to internal organs like the stomach, liver etc. However, the largest organ of the body is the skin. Given its size and the amount it interacts with external stimuli, the skin is susceptible to a number of infections. One of the common issues to affect skin is known as psoriasis. This is typically seen as a rash that can make the skin dry, thick and flaky. It can make the skin feel very itchy and make the person unconsciously scratch his or her skin so hard that it bleeds. Although, even modern medicine does not have a way to cure psoriasis but can manage the symptoms. In contrast, homoeopathy can help treat the factors triggering this infection and hence keep it from recurring.

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medication that treats not only the symptoms exhibited but also the issues triggering the infection. Homeopathic medicines are usually prescribed in the form of sweet pills, powders or liquids. This form of medication has negligible side effects and can be prescribed to children and adults of all ages. If needed, it can be prescribed along with other types of medication as well. However, homeopathy does not follow a one size fits all approach. This means that a remedy that suits one person may not be effective for another. This is because the ideal homeopathic prescription depends on the symptoms being exhibited by the patient, his or her overall physical and mental health, family history, personality etc.

There are a number of homeopathic remedies that may be prescribed to treat psoriasis. Some remedies can treat psoriasis that is passed on genetically from one generation to another while others can treat psoriasis caused by exposure to warm or cold conditions. Homeopathy can be used to treat psoriasis that makes the skin dry as well as psoriasis that leads to oozing lesions. It can also be used to treat chronic cases of psoriasis. In many cases, two or more remedies may be prescribed simultaneously.

When taking homeopathic remedies one must follow the prescribed schedule. Medicines must be taken half an hour before or after meals. When taking two or more homeopathic medicines, they must be spaced at least 5 minutes apart. The ideal time to take the morning dose is as soon as one wakes up. Similarly, the best time to take a night dose is just before going to bed.

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