Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People

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Pregnancy and Parenthood in Young People By Dr. Himani Gupta Hello friends. I am Dr. Himani Gupta gynecologist from kargar and today we are addressing the young generation. In our Practice we meet many young couples’s weather married or unmarried. They come with positive pregnancy test and they say they don’t want to continue with the pregnancy for reasons of their own. Friends, as a society we know that we are experiencing social and financial liberalization. The message I want to give to today’s young generation is that there are excellent and safe contraceptive or family planning methods available that we can use. Either by male, or a female partner on regular bases. Just by visiting your gynecologist or family doctor you can know all about them and use them easily. These methods will help you to plan your life and family. And will keep you safe. Please remember that each procedure or treatment comes with its inherent risks and complications and I will conclude by saying that precaution is always better that cure.

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