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Pre Marriage Counselling

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Dr. Hitesh Shah 92% (238 ratings)
M.A. (Scholar), BHMS
Sexologist, Mumbai  •  29 years experience
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Hi friends,

I am Dr Hitesh Shah sexologist, sex educationist, counsellor and therapist, a homeopath and a Wellness expert and also do corporate stress management, I am from Mumbai.

So once again welcome, today's topic is one of my favourite topic and that is pre marriage counselling. You must be wondering why to do pre marriage counselling, well friends see in every walk of life we educate yourself for example with studies from KG to Graduation to be able to earn on our livelihood, bread and butter. Even after that when we take a job or enter a profession or business we learn the system and processes, even after that we tend to make some other mistakes or accident, if you want to learn to drive a car to go for one month in the driving school then only you can avoid accidents and not only that you can also enjoy your driving and no innocent person will become victim of your rash on wrong driving. So you can understand importance of education and orientation in Every Walk of life, unfortunately the field of marriage, the relationship and specially the sex life is all taken for granted, there is no education about what marriage is, what concept of marriage is and that's the reason that you will see so very marriages in our society are mostly compromise, their potential is ultimate they can really create a heaven, if marriages are made in heaven you have the potential to create the heaven on the earth. But unfortunately we will see most of the couple fighting or there is communication gap, quarrels, arguments or even in severe cases a lot many times you see sexual dysfunctions forcibly incompatibility, sexual incompatibility, extramarital affairs, depressions, alcoholic and other addiction and of course worst thing to happen is often divorce. Now these things can be prevented and as I told you totally preventive, you can actually enrich your marriage life. If you have in time taken the right understanding and orientation to what marriage is. So what do we do in pre marriage counselling we teach the young couple what marriage is all about, the concept of marriage like from we were being a Sanskar in our culture, what it means to have a heart to heart communication empathising the art of communication, right from there to various element of relationship like love, care, affection, bonding so many other aspects and other of course A to Z about sex life, the foreplay, interplay, first intercourse. You will be surprise to know we get so many couples after marriage who are unconsummated, they have not able to consummate their marriage, means they cannot have penovaginal penetrative intercourse due to some or other reason. So couple learn before marriage, everything about relationship, marriage foreplay, interplay, male sexuality, female sexuality and even how to do first intercourse in different positions and satisfy each other with complete orgasm and fulfilment. And of course, we also take care of the premarital medical fitness from the angle of fertility and oral medical fitness. So pre med counselling is something like boon to mankind, to our society we can prevent so many marriages going to the rock getting divorce or Living a compromise marriage in the sex life. And I would request all the parents to give the children those who are going to get married, the gift of Pre marriage counselling program. So that they live lovely and a happy married life, thank you.

And to contact me myself Dr Hitesh Shah in Mumbai or online, you are always welcome to consult me through Lybrate. Thank you so much.

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