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Hello friends!

I'm Dr. Deep Arya this side. I am a physiotherapist practicing in Gurgaon and Delhi. I am pass out from Bangalore University. So today here I am there to discuss with you the care of your neck and back. These days the majority of us are instead of using our body, we are abusing it come whatever whether we are using our watching the TV, watching our laptop, watching the smartphone, working on anything. So we are only abusing it. So we need to know the right ways of doing things as you know prevention is always better than cure. So now let's come to people who have a standing job like teachers, advocates continuously throughout the day they are standing and there is a continuous load on the legs and on the back as well.

So if you are standing on the ground like this, there is a continuous load so we can do one thing either we can divide the load, bend one leg a little and stand; alternatively we can do and if possible if you can look out for something 4-6 inches up from the ground, it's better to keep your feet like this put one foot up and one foot down. After sometime you can change it so that you are putting minimum strain on the back and using the body the right away. You can keep on changing it as with the tenure is too long and again as I told again the posture has to be changed frequently; in between try walking around after 10-15 minutes. Keep on walking.

Take a round small round of the room and then again come back. End of the day we go home, relax the majority of us are having smart TVs in our bedrooms hung on the wall and we sit on the bed and watch the TV which is a very wrong posture. Initially, we sit straight but then gradually our posture goes for a six. So ideally we should not be sitting on the bed. You should only always be using a chair to sit on so that your back is supported properly again. Can you see? This is the right way of doing it. If your room size doesn't allow a chair to be kept in the bed, so at least you keep sit straight on the bed and every 10 to 15 minutes pull yourself up on the bed so that at least you are maintaining the proper position of the spine and once you are sitting on the chair towards the TV that is the best thing what you can do. You back again have to be supported properly and you use a footrest in front of you and sit straight and again don't keep on watching for long. Every like a serial there is break every 20 to 25 minutes there is a break, you also take a break. Give your body a break. Get up and walk around a little bit and then again come back and sit.

Now as we have discussed the various do's and don'ts of how to take care of your neck and back I hope the video is useful for you and you try implementing the things and I'd also request you to kindly share with all your near and dear so that they also become aware of the right ways of doing the things.

Thank you.

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