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Posture And Pain

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BPTh/BPT, Bachelor In TCM, DTCM
Physiotherapist, Mumbai  •  10years experience
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I am Dr. Varun Shanbhag, Physiotherapist. I am practicing from the past 7 years. Today we will talk about the problem for people who work for 8-9 hours and live a sedentary life. The problem they are having with their postures. Back, neck, knee, ankle pain, headache. Today we will make people aware that - What is ergonomics? How can you prevent all those problems to happen in the office? So, first, you need to understand that what is posture? Posture is when various body parts align with each other and with respect to gravity. What is the role of the spine as it the most important part of your body? You need to understand the functionality of the cervical spine, lumbar spine.

Why am I emphasizing on the posture so much? Incorrect posture problem happens while sitting, lifting, improper bending. This all can cause you the back pain. And because of all this, you need to go to the physician. You feel discomfort, tingling, numbness, headache. All this comes in the same kind of atmosphere. The most problematic thing is back pain. How to prevent this problem to come in the first place? Preventive action is less painful, easier to be done and it causes less discomfort and it also increases the productive capacity. What exactly do we mean with the correct posture? What is the ideal posture in which you should be working? It is the position of your heel, knee, the angle of the back, the way your forearm should be supported, the height of the backrest, height of the computer and the eye level to see your computer. So, you also need to see whether all these things are possible or not as it depends upon the office atmosphere.

It minimizes the chances of getting any problem. Nowadays we are getting a complaint from below 25 age as they are getting back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain. The pain is not subsiding with the pain killers. The root cause is not the painkiller, it is the way you sit. Working in the office in the same posture will not help you. You need to keep changing your posture. Holding a wrong posture for a long time causes stress over the muscles which need to be relieved. You should do a few stretches at every interval. You can do these stretches in a very short span and not more than 5 minutes. Do simple shoulder shrugs. Do neck stretches, neck bends, backbends, stretch out your calves. Doing the wrong activity for a long time causes discomfort & pain. For more information, you can always contact me through

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