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Pornography - Can It Help in Ejaculation Early?

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Pornography - Can It Help in Ejaculation Early?

Watching porn can be pleasurable and invoke your intimate desires. Since talking about intimate relations is considered as a taboo and most children in our country don’t receive a proper education, they resort to porn videos that give them a false idea of reality.

Little do they know that the actual acts are nothing like the ones they see in these adult videos. Looking at men with chiseled bodies, women with hourglass figures and extremely spicy sex lives can, unfortunately, lower your confidence. After all, not everyone can attain these.

Nonetheless, one can always engage in the act of self-satisfaction or masturbation by watching these porn videos. Masturbation is one of the underrated pleasures of the world and pornography does the trick here; it not only gets you sexually aroused but also helps you in reaching an utterly satisfying climax.

These thought processes may include the habit of watching porn. Wait! Did you say Porn? Now before we jump to conclusion and sing hymns that porn is bad for you, let us look at it from a different perspective. Sure it could have a negative impact if you are addicted to it, but let’s say for a minute that you have a habit of watching porn occasionally. Is it really that bad for you as spread across in social circles? Let’s find out!

Watching Porn: Helps in Ejaculation or Not

Ask any kid why he would want to watch porn and almost two out of three answers would be that they need a quick fix in their “Me Time”. Our human brain varies a lot and though everyone would disregard this, our mind always yearns for variance and adventure. Porn in a way gives this to them.

The experience of watching something new or something which is not the usual norm accelerates the hormone process and this directly makes you cum earlier. Of course, this may pave the way for premature ejaculation and can also affect your libido levels. But that is a topic for a different discussion.

Positive Consequences of Watching Porn

One of the few good things about porn is that it determines what scintillates you and what type of guy you are. It also in a way allows you to develop standards while pleasing a woman. Lovemaking is not just an ejaculation process. It is rightly called an art.

Do explore more and porn if channeled in the right way can actually be good for you. However, there is a very thin line between the good and the bad side of porn. Just make sure that you are not addicted to it.

Increased Sexual Energy By Pornography

Almost 75% of the population would get excited about porn. Psychologists say that this is not a bad thing and they can channel this need into positive sexual energy. Pornography can increase your libido levels and if you combine this with deep inner exercises like meditation and breathing exercises, then you can be greatly benefited by it. Though it sounds a bit absurd, experts would like us to try it out.

Can Pornography Make Me Cum faster?

While porn can make you come earlier, alternatively it can help you relax and you can take your time to get an orgasm. This happens in the advanced stages and you need to know a couple of factors before you get to this level. One is you need to know your limit and the permissible lines when you watch porn.

Second, don’t overdo porn. These might take some years to practice but once you have mastered it, porn can actually be an alleviating experience for you with mental harmony and peace. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a Sexologist.

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