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Personal Hygiene - 5 Personal Things That You Must Never Share!

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Personal Hygiene - 5 Personal Things That You Must Never Share!

We are all possessive in nature, and we always cling on to things which are ours, be it our home, vehicle, clothes, furniture, jewelry or any other priced possession. While some of us might be okay to share somethings, others are absolutely clear that there is no room for sharing. The other extreme has people who believe that sharing is caring, and there could even be friends who are into sharing clothes and shoes. Whichever group you belong to, there are some things that should never be shared. The following is just a short list, but remember if there is anything that may affect personal hygiene, keep it to yourself.

  1. Toothbrush: The mouth is the dirtiest organ in the human body with billions of germs. The comforting news is that they are part of normal flora. Not all of them are harmful, and most are essential for normal functioning. So using another person’s brush can introduce a new set of bacteria that are not normal to your mouth. These could bring in infections like candida or tooth infections. So, avoid using or sharing another one’s brush.
  2. Undergarments: The undergarments are loaded with bacteria, which vary from body to body, depending on various factors including food habits, exercise, and living conditions. Also, these areas are prone to sweat and contain different sets of germs. Using another person’s underwear, even if washed, can spell danger and introduce new germs into your system. You can try Namyaa hygiene wash for women and men to maintai the pH balance. It also prevent the growth of the bacteria.
  3. Soap bars: While some of us have the habit of rinsing someone else’s soap bar and using it, it should be best avoided. Germs continue to reside on the soap bar and get shifted to your skin. Liquid soaps are still safer and can be shared, as it does not come in contact with anyone’s skin directly.
  4. Hair trimming equipment: Be it razors, blades, shaving sets, or hair trimmers, tweezers, or nose hair clippers, they are never to be shared. These come in close touch with the skin and are exposed to a lot more bacteria. In addition, no amount of cleaning can help get rid of the bacteria in the razors and the fine hair which stays back. The razor also could have traces of blood and body fluids (depending on the area of usage) and can even transmit HIV and hepatitis. Sharing hair trimming equipment should be avoided at all costs.
  5. Loofah: Like the soap, the loofah houses loads of bacteria, which can spread from one person to other, leading to bacterial infections. They never dry completely and provide a good environment for bacterial growth.

The general rule is if anything is wet by use and comes in contact with the body fluids, it is best to refrain from sharing it! If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a General Physician.

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