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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Pectoral Strain - Signs You Are Suffering From It!

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Dr. Akhlaq AhmedOrthopedic Doctor • 54 Years Exp.Diploma In Orthopaedics, MBBS
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The pectoral muscle is the large muscle in the chest; that appears just below the collar bone and runs down through the sixth rib. This muscle is used when you flex and raise your arms over your head.
A strain on this muscle is self-treatable in most cases. The most common cause of pectoral strain is its overuse. Bodybuilders who perform extensive strength training are more prone to pectoral strain due to heavyweights they lift on a regular basis.

Lack of adequate warm-up before exercising can be another cause of this condition.

Pain in the chest is one of the most significant signs of pectoral strains. At times, shoulders and front of the arm may also be hurt if one has ruptured the pectoral muscle. Injuring the pectorals makes it difficult in moving the arms. According to diagnosis, although first degree strain on the pectoral muscles does not lead to a loss of muscle power, a more serious second or third degree tear in the pectoral muscles can cause significant weakness in the muscle strength.

Treatment and cure

A natural treatment for treating pectoral muscle strain at home is to put a temporary hold on all the workout regimes and allow the muscle to heal on its own. During this time, icing the inflamed zone can also help to control the pain. Icing the inflamed pectoral muscle for two to three days along with an application of a compression bandage helps in reducing the swelling.
In worst cases, surgical intervention may also be required for third degree muscle tear in the pectoral zone, especially when other tendons are also involved in the injury.

One should always remember to stretch the muscles properly before any extensive workouts, to prevent this particular condition. Doing a chest stretch exercise helps in loosening the pectoral muscles in a faster and effective way.

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