PCOS - Know Diet For It!

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I am Divya Gandhi. Today I will talk to you about a very common metabolic disorder which females are facing that is PCOS. PCOS is a condition in which body produces higher than normal levels of male hormones. This can lead to infertility, hirsutism that is facial hair and excessive hair fall. The question comes that what are the reasons of PCOS. PCOS can be genetic, if anyone, any female of your family has PCOS so you know kids can have PCOD as well. The second is lifestyle disorder. Lifestyle by lifestyle I mean not following a proper diet and exercise regime. One should be exercising regularly and as far as diet is concerned, the diet should be really high in fibre like having vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower or having high fibre food like sprouts, kale, spinach. One can also include whole grains in the diet like bran, oats, muesli; apart from it protein also plays a very important role in dealing with PCOS like having lean protein like fish, chicken breast. There are certain foods which we call as anti-inflammatory food like tomatoes, spinach, broccoli so all these things help in dealing PCOS. How they help?

They actually control your blood sugar levels which in turn controls your insulin levels and then it reduces the symptoms of PCOS. There are certain things which one should be completely avoiding in PCOS that is dairy products. However, it is not difficult to avoid these dairy products. The question is, people say how can I leave milk or curd or paneer. The reason being the dairy products have insulin growth factor. What it does it actually delays the ovulation which worsens up the PCOS. This does not mean that you need to deprive yourself from milk. There are certain alternatives which are available in market like instead of having normal cow's or buffalo milk you can always offer coconut milk or almond milk or rice milk. Apart from this there are certain things which we need to do on a regular basis like involving certain herbs in our diet like cinnamon, dalchini. What does it do?

It actually boosts up your metabolism which helps in reducing weight and thus controlling PCOS. Apart from it, people these days are using vegetable oil, canola oil and olive oil for cooking. So, it's always good to have coconut oil because coconut oil stabilizes your insulin levels. Then Jeera water. Jeera water it has this anti-inflammatory property so it reduces your water retention, it boosts up your metabolism and it works on your ovulation. Last but not least is Ashok ki chaal. If anybody might have heard there is this plant which is very normally seen in the parks and people's balcony, so you just need to take handful leaves of Ashoka patta and boil them for like 20 minutes, throw away the seeds and bring back water and they will actually help in improving the ovulation in female body. So it's always good to stay fit and healthy and keep eating good. Thank you.

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