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Nose Job - 5 Myths Decoded!

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Dr.Sunil Arora 87% (80ratings)
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Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Jaipur  •  15years experience
Nose Job - 5 Myths Decoded!

With nose job or rhinoplasty turning out to be an increasingly popular surgical procedure these days in India, potential patients are presented to a great deal of data, some real, some skeptical, and some downright false.

Here are 5 of the top myths busted.

1.  The surgery is a fairly simple procedure
Nose job is one of the most complex and challenging operations in plastic surgery. Not only must the nose be in symmetry with the face, but also every segment of the nose must be directly proportionate with all of the others.

2.  Your nose can resemble any superstar's nose of your picking
A prospective nose job patient ought to have practical desires. Every individual's face and visage is different. John Abraham's nose would not look great on each man, nor is it achievable. Similarly, Kareena Kapoor’s nose would not suit every woman, however becoming it is on her. In Rhinoplasty overexpectation and unrealistic expectation is  always a cause of dissatisfaction. It is impossible to have a nose like Katrina or Sharukh Khan.

3. The anaesthesia used in the surgery is dangerous
Rhinoplasty is mostly carried out under general anaesthesia, which makes you unconscious during the whole experience. However, the anaesthesia used is completely safe. In fact, for minor procedures, a nose job can even be performed under local anaesthesia. Most patients who have undergone this surgery are healthy, and risks of long-term complications are exceptionally rare.

4. A second surgery is almost always required to get it right
While a revision surgery can be a reality when going through a nose job (as high as 10-15% in a few studies), it ideally should be a one-time operation only. Technically, the newly constructed nose is one that’s designed for life. That aside, because of the complexities of the operation and the variability in each person’s anatomy, skin, and healing, on certain occasions a revision surgery becomes necessary. When it occasionally occurs, usually it’s for something relatively minor such as a small residual bump.

5. A nose job is so expensive that only the very wealthy can afford it
Surprisingly, minor yet high-quality rhinoplasty procedures can start at as low as even INR 20,000 in India, which is not as expensive compared to several other kinds of plastic/cosmetic surgery procedures.

Caution: Avoid silicone implants for a nose job as they not good and have long term complications as extrusion and displacement.

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