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Non-Penetrative Sex - What Should You Know?

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Sexologist, Noida  •  51years experience
Non-Penetrative Sex - What Should You Know?

Non-penetrative sex refers to the sexual intercourse in which the individuals do not perform penetration into any of the body organs like anus, mouth or vagina. Therefore, it is devoid of performing sexual penetration. Rather, the other different forms of sexual and asexual activities are performed such as kissing each other, cuddling each other, mutual masturbation, etc. Non-penetrative sex is also called as the outer course which may include aspects of penetration but not in literal terms such as fingering.

Let us discuss some of the important facts that one must know about non-penetrative sex which is mentioned as below:

  1. Most people practice the non-penetrative sexual activity for various reasons such as indulging in foreplay or primary sexual activity which leads to higher arousal state. Also, some couple engages in the outer course in order to maintain their virginity and as a birth control preventive measure. Those who are homosexuals also do it to maintain their virginity and the gay males utilize this option for substitution of anal sex.
  2. The penetrative sexual activities involve the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease or infections (STDs or STIs) and it can be transmitted through the genital contact or contact of genitals with the body. But the non-penetrative sex can be a safer option as the body sexual fluids would not come in contact with each other’s body parts and hence, the risk of getting genital infections are reduced to a considerable extent.
  3. Let us discuss some types of non-penetrative sexual activities such as:
    • Frottage which refers to the rubbing of any body part including buttocks of each other, breasts in case of females, thighs, sexual organs with other people, etc. It can be performed both in a naked condition or when a person is covered with clothes. This is also referred to as dry sex.
    • Mutual masturbation refers to the process by which the individuals stimulate the genitals of each other by giving a handjob in case of males and fingering in case of females. Some people also use feet for stimulation of genitals.
    • There are some other exclusively non-penetrative activities such as axillary intercourse, massaging in an erotic way, giving a foot job, kissing each other especially French kissing which is a more profound form of kissing and leads to stimulation of genital organs, stimulating the nipples of females, etc.

Non-penetrative sexual activities can be performed due to multiple reasons depending on the individuals’ needs and desires. Also, it is a simple and matured way of avoiding pregnancy

Precaution - Semen dropped near and outside vagina can lead to Pregnancy.

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