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Last Updated: May 03, 2023

Natural teething remedies

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Dr. Anurag SinghPediatrician • 20 Years Exp.DNB, DCH, MBBS
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The time passes really quickly and those gums which are not filled right will be full of teeth in a very short period of time in the case of the droolers. The appearance of teeth in the case of these kids is very noticeable as the child attracts the attention of his parents because of the significant pain and suffering that he is experiencing through that time period. Everyone who is around the teething child just wants to make the child feel comfortable, loved and away from the pain that he has been suffering or experiencing.

The parents of the teething child just search and explore for options that can provide relief and soothe the child from pain and the soreness of the mouth. The parents get a lot of opinions and advices from various sources, but in most of the cases when they visit a dentist for consultation with the problem that their child has been facing, recommends some medications which most of the parents does not opt for as the child is in growing phase and they do not want to expose their child to medicines, chemicals or drugs. Keeping all these things in mind the child's parents go for remedies which are of natural occurrence and does not cause any issue to the child and these remedies are not usually suggested by a dentist as he thinks that they may not prove to be helpful and effective in the improvement of the child's condition, but these natural remedies has proved to be very helpful in improving the condition which is why parents opt these methods and remedies.

Natural remedies are usually harmless and come with zero side effects and for the improvement of the condition of teething child, given below are some natural remedies that can be applied and which will prove very effective: 

Keeping the area or the gum under pressure

For easing the pain or relieving the child from the pain that he is suffering from the parent can use his finger (after cleaning it) and then, he can place that clean finger on the gum where the teeth have started to appear or the parent can simply massage that area. You can opt for other options as well for keeping the area which is teething under pressure naturally, through wooden teeth rings or wooden spoon when you are unable to properly use a drool soaked hand. 

As a parent, if you are comfortable and willing to give your child some safe and easy to chew jewelry like chewbeads, then this will surely help the child to relax his gums efficiently. This accessory can be used very effectively and efficiently for relieving the child from the pain he is enduring and this accessory does not pose any kind of danger for the child like choking on the beads of the jewelry that a mother wears which are usually toxic and made up of hard pieces.

Give tea for better teething

It is widely suggested and advised by a lot of people to consume chamomile tea to have proper, painless and better teething as chamomile is a very important and integral part of various teething products which are obtained naturally. Chamomile tea has been brought under the application for treatment of a lot of medical problems for a very long period of time. This is very important for all those parents who are providing tea to their child, that the tea is completely caffeine free as tea containing caffeine can pose a risk of botulism to the child which is not at all favorable for the child.

If your child is unable to consume this chamomile tea when it is warm then as a parent you can follow other methods for providing chamomile tea like you can freeze this tea into mesh teethers and provide few sips to the child in a spoon or you can rub your finger in the chamomile tea and then apply it under the gums of the child.


As teething is a sign of growth for your child and as a parent you should be very happy and overwhelmed but for the child this condition of teething is very alarming as the child faces an enormous amount of pain and suffering. Following the methods which are mentioned above could help you to make your child get rid of the pain that he has been going through with ease.

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