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Nasobronchial Allergy

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Dr.Sachinder Jain Nawal 87% (33ratings)
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Pediatrician, Gurgaon  •  26years experience
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I am Dr. Nawal. I am a pediatrician and a Bronchoscopist. I am highly specialized to the naso bronchial problem of children Respiratory problems, allergies asthamas post nasal drips. So we would like to talk about Naso bronchial allergy which is increasing day by day. Because of the pollution levels because of changing environment these problems are arise. So we will talk about Naso bronchial allergy. Naso bronchial system is one system is part of the same system. Some people have more of a nasal allergy some people have throat problem some people have recurrent lung problems. Most of the people would have all the problems together. It may start with the running nose, it may start with the slight cough. Normally lungs are including the whole system. It has a familiar or a genetic predisposition to it. All people don’t suffer from this. Only people who have a genetic or familiar predisposition to it suffer from this.

Familiar or genetic predisposition means three generations up and down. If you try to figure out somebody or the other in your family would be suffering from one or the other forms of nasobronchial allergies. Somebody may have cold somebody may have a recurrent sneezing somebody may have recurrent block nose somebody may have dry vacant cough somebody may have sore throats somebody may have severe cough somebody may land upon ventilator somebody may have severe nasal. So intensity may vary. But most of the people in your families one or the other person would be suffering from small or more of nasobronchial allergy. Why does it happen? What are the precipitating factors? Dust smoke pollen pollen from plants animals danders smells are very important factor like Goodnite All outs Paints Polish Varnish kitchen smells incensed sticks do perfumes sprays changing weather is a very big factor in and out of AC in and out of heater damp walls humid weather viral infections all these any or many of this factors may need to attack of nasobronchial allergies.

Then what happens in a nasobronchial allergy. Normally 2 things happen in a nasobronchial allergy. One is construction of the vein pipe second is coughing and sneezing. Coughing and sneezing are basically protective reflexes. Anything that we inhale and is not conducive to the body. By the reflex of sneezing or coughing the body tries to bring it out but construction by constructing it by constructing the vein pipe body again tries to stop the inhalation of any allergen that is not conducive to the body. What happens in broncho construction? There 2 processes that happen one is swelling of the vein pipe which is called inflammation. It’s a reversible air way disease, it’s a reversible inflammation that happens reversible swelling that happens and narrowing of windpipe happens. So what do we do to treat it? First is prevention try to avoid the precipitating factors try to avoid the dust smoke pollen. Don’t be there while you are brooming the house while you are dusting the house try to keep your pillows mattress bedsheets vacuumed. Try to have no rugs no carpets light curtains in your house.

Cleaning properly try to have try to vacuum your walls once a week. Try to have no cockroaches try to have no pets in your house no flowering plants in your house. So many of these factors if you are able to take care your problems will decrease. And then there is a treatment to it. Treatment is basically a combination of anti-inflammatories and bronchodilators. There is a step up treatment there is a step down treatment. More the problem more the treatment, more the problem step up the treatment more the problem step up the treatment further lower the problem step down the treatment. If there is no problem stop the treatment if there is a problem restart the treatment.

So there is no course for the treatment. Its like a adequate treatment. The number of days your problem persists treat the patient. If there is no problem stop the treatment. Treatments are combinations of bronchodilators and anti-inflammatories. Inhale drug are better than oral drugs. Oral drugs better than injections. There is a myth that they are habit forming actually there not habit forming. They are the most conducive to your respiratory system. They don’t cause you tachycardia . They cause the least side effects. In case there are any side effects they cause the least side effect. So that is why we would prefer or any doctor will prefer to give you the inhale drug better than before the oral drugs. Thank you.

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