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Nasal polyps

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Dr.Vivek Kumar Pathak 90% (255ratings)
ENT Specialist, Noida  •  13years experience
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Hi! Myself Dr. Vivek Kumar Pathak. I am ENT specialist. Today I am going to talk about nasal polyps. Nasal polyp is a condition of the polypoidal nasal mucosa or the diseased nasal mucosa. The polyps can be allergic or they can be antrochoanal polyps. The allergic polyps are ethmoidal polyps. Regarding the management of antrochoanal polyps we have to give antibiotics and following that we have to go for Polypectomy. In case of allergic polyps, first of all we need to go for medical management, we have to give anti-allergic, antihistamine nasal steroid and if the patient doesn't get improved by the medication then we have to go for a surgery that is functional endoscopic sinus surgery.

This functional endoscopic sinus surgery is basically a surgery which is done by the endoscope. We have to remove the diseased nasal sinusoidal mucosa. With that the patient get improved. The main symptom in case of polyps is the nasal obstruction, anosmia. The patient gets very much relief from these symptoms. The surgery is very much beneficial in case of patients with polyps. Regarding the surgery, there are few complications but they can be managed.

I want to conclude that polypoidal nasal mucosal is a diseased mucosa which can be managed medically or surgically. If the patient doesn't get improved by medication then we have to go for functional endoscopic sinus surgery. It is done in our centre. We have affiliated centre for the surgery and anybody can consult for the surgery and can get relief from the symptoms. Regarding the functional endoscopic sinus surgery which is done at our centre, you can consult me at my clinic. In both the centres, we have this facility for operating the patient.

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