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Myths On Normal Delivery And C-Section Debunked!

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Myths On Normal Delivery And C-Section Debunked!

According to a report by WHO, every hour about five women die in India during childbirth. Giving birth is one of the most challenging bodily functions that a woman has to perform in their life.

When it comes to the mode of delivery, there are a number of delivery options:

  1. Normal or Vaginal Birth
  2. C-Section or also known as Cesarean
  3. Water Birth
  4. Vacuum Extraction

Of the few mentioned above the most common delivery options are natural birth and C-section. The mode of delivery will be decided only after factoring in the woman’s health condition, ability to endure pain etc.

Also, when it comes to deliveries, there is a lot of half-baked information floating around. The internet is one of the biggest contributor in this regard. Here are some of the most common myths -

Myths on Normal Delivery:

Myth 1: It’s More Superior
Many women consider or think that being able to bring a life into the world without the aid of any painkillers or any other external interventions gives them a sense of empowerment.

Myth 2: It is Riskier
There is no definite statistic to prove that a natural birth is more risky than other delivery options.

Myth 3: A Process that comes naturally to a Woman
Another commonly held fallacy about normal delivery is that a woman’s body knows exactly how to respond to a normal delivery. The common reason given is that women have been undergoing natural childbirth process since time immemorial without external interventions or assistance. Not only is a normal delivery fraught with misconceptions but so is a C-section surgery.

Myths on C-Section:

Myth 1: A C-Section is more convenient compared to a vaginal Birth
A C-Section is an invasive surgery method that comes with its own set of risks like any surgery. Doctors generally advise women to opt for a natural birth if possible.

Myth 2: You cannot undergo too many C-Sections
There is no limitation on the number of C-sections you can have in your lifetime. However, the risks of complications increase with every subsequent C-section.

It is advised that you plan the delivery option based on your health condition weeks before your due date. In some cases, C-section surgery is resorted to during the course of a vaginal birth when complications arise.

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