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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Monilethrix - Choose Ayurveda To Cure It Effectively!

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Dr. Rohit ShahAyurvedic Doctor • 38 Years Exp.BAMS
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Monilethrix arises from a genetic disorder wherein a person has a defective formation of hair shaft. The alteration in the genetics leads to improper, inefficient incorporation of structural proteins and minerals during the formation of the hair shaft, which results in the emergence of weak, brittle kind of hair. Monile means necklace and thrix means hair. Hair shaft shows regular fusiform nodes and internodes, which get formed at every 0.7-1 mm along the length of one’s hair.

Monilethrix primarily occurs on the scalp, predominantly on the occiput and nape and sometimes on other areas of the scalp. Involvement of the scalp can be local or widespread. At times, they could be involved in other areas of the hair present in eyelashes, eyebrows, axillary and limb.

Now let us talk about some details like the signs and symptoms and causes behind the occurrence of Monilethrix.

Signs and Symptoms of Monilethrix

  • Alopecia
  • Abnormality faced in the metabolism
  • Nail Dysplasia
  • Nail Dystrophy
  • Perifollicular Hyperkeratosis

There are certain symptoms, which might arise in almost 80-99% of the situations. They include:

  • Abnormality faced in the eyebrow
  • Abnormality of the eyelashes
  • Abnormality seen in the nail
  • Brittle hair
  • Fine Hair
  • Growth of hair at a slow pace

Possible Complications Which Might Arise With Monilethrix

There are certain complications associated with the condition of Monilethrix. They include:

  • Cosmetic concerns leading to stress
  • Defects in the eye
  • Impairment of the intelligence
  • Challenges might be faced during treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment for Monilethrix

Ayurveda makes use of natural means by way of herbs, pastes made out of natural ingredients, to take care of any problems related to health. Similar kind of approach is undertaken for treating Monilethrix, a condition wherein a person’s body does not produce the protein known as keratin, of which hairs are fingernails are made of. The Ayurvedic process of treatment goes on like this:

  • First, a person’s body is cleaned up by using an intestinal cleanse prepared out of a combination of different kinds of herbs and also a parasite cleanser, which is designed primarily to kill any unwanted parasite.
  • Then, a strict regimen containing herbs, vitamins and minerals are made use of, so that the weakened organs and glands, due to the attack by the parasites, get back their required strength.

People, who undergo this process of treatment, tend to feel better almost instantly. The left ear could get clogged, that is, people may not be able to hear out of that ear. So the herbal therapists suggest something called “ear candling”, which is an ancient Egyptian healing technique of clearing out the sinus path that remains connected to the Eustachian tube.


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