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Modern Homeopathy: Cure For Every Disease

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Dr.Arpit Chopra Jain 91% (526ratings)
MD - Homeopathy Critical & Surgical Disease Specialist , BHMS
Homeopathy Doctor, Indore  •  18years experience
Modern Homeopathy: Cure For Every Disease

Modern Homoeopathy has newly introduced a scientifically advanced system of homeopathy based on clinical practices which include some new concept of development along with a traditional system of homeopathy.

Complete Cure: Modern homeopathy completely recovers the diseases and patient as a whole in the physical, mental and holistic way in order to prevent relapse of diseases for rest of life which is very essential and important. Most importantly, Modern Homoeopathy allows treatment of multiple diseases with the same medicines at the same time, along with the rest of the existing treatment.

Easy: In Modern homeopathy, we use different types of medicinal forms and scales like decimal potency, centimal potency, 50 millesimal potency, mother tinctures, biochemical medicines, patents, etc.

In Modern Homeopathy, mode of medicinal intake is very easy which can be taken without any confusion under the guidance of an expert homeopathic consultant. Modern Homeopathy does not believe in the traditional law of homeopathy that while taking homeopathic medicines, there should be a restriction of high smelling foods or any other such thing.

Safe: In modern homeopathy, there are no side effects of medicines even after use of highly potentized medicinal selection as per the requirement of response or stages of diseases. As we know that in 'homeopathy potentisation process', the power or potency or quality of medicines will increase gradually and simultaneously its quantity of medicinal substance will be reduced, hence, chances of side effects are almost nil.

Fast: The most differential concept of modern homeopathy is its fast treatment process which gives it tremendous difference from the old system of homeopathy, because in modern homeopathy as of now 4,000 new medicines are available and 0-50 lakh potency is available, which are scientifically proved and capable of curing any health disease without any side effects.

Cost-Effective: Modern Homoeopathy even after its multi-dimensional importance is very cost-effective in comparison to the rest of the other branches of medical science.

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