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Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

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 I am Dr Krishna Prasad cardiothoracic surgeon from Mumbai. I would like to discuss with you all about minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Now recently minimally invasive cardiac surgery is picking up its interest and lot of surgeries can be done with a small incision. The surgery which we can do with minimal incisions are coronary artery disease, especially uncomplicated like single-vessel or double-vessel or sometimes triple-vessel disease then valve surgeries, mitral valve, aortic valve surgery and atrial septal defect.

Here what we require is a small incision to enter the particular hard cavity or surface of the heart and do the surgery and when valve surgery, open heart surgery is required the cannulations are done from the groin with a small incision, so the femoral artery, femoral veins are cannulated and the advantage of minimally invasive surgery is patient get very small incision, cosmetically very appealing and the pain is very less and the patient goes home earlier as compared to the conventional median sternotomy procedures and also the risk of infection and especially the sternal infection and all are avoided and to do this minimally invasive surgery we require lot of special instruments and sometimes the help of scopes to help make the surgery easier. Further queries and details you can contact lybrate.

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