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Mini Gastric Bypass - How This Procedure Will Help Lose Weight?

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Mini Gastric Bypass - How This Procedure Will Help Lose Weight?

The Mini-Gastric Bypass or in other words, Single Anatomosis Gastric Bypass is an extremely effective and a well-established procedure that combines some of the properties of two other bariatric surgeries:

  • A Gastric Sleeve
  • A Standard Gastric Bypass

The upper half of the stomach gets divided into a tube, quite similar to the top three quarters of a sleeve and then it gets joined to a loop of intestine. This Mini-Gastric Bypass can be made use of as one of the most primary procedures through which one can lose weight and get themselves back to normal. 

Ideal patients who can undergo this weight loss surgery

  • Whoever suffers from excess body weight cannot undergo this weight-loss surgery. only certain people who fall under the following category 
  • Patients who have had previously undergone either gastric banding surgery or gastric sleeve surgery but have not been successful in attaining weight loss.
  • Those individuals who had started to develop complications related to the gastric band and have taken decision to go for revision surgery.
  • The surgery is not really suited for those patients, who seem to have symptoms of reflux disease.

How does the surgery take place?
Now let us take a look at exactly how does this surgery takes place.

  • The first thing with this operation is that the upper part of the stomach gets stapled to give the form of a thin tube, around 30ml to 50ml size.
  • The thin tube hence becomes the brand new stomach, which is lot smaller in size and remains completely separate from the rest of the stomach.
  • After this, the stomach gets sewn to a loop of the small intestine, hence getting the duodenum, which is the first part of the intestine, bypassed and along with it, around 150-200cm of bowel.
  • The remaining stomach and the upper half of the small intestine stays in the body but is not used for digestion of food any longer.

Ways through which mini-gastric bypass procedure helps people to lose weight:

  • It helps reduce the feeling of hunger in people through alteration in the signalling process of gut to brain.
  • It enables a feeling of satiety as well as fullness to creep in, a lot earlier than usual, while people have their meal, thereby resulting in healthy portion size.
  • Leading to the absorption of a decreased amount of calories from the food due to the bypassing of 150-200cm of the upper portion of the small intestine.

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