Masturbation - How It Is Affecting Your Love Life?

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Masturbation - How It Is Affecting Your Love Life?

Any scientific progress has positive and negative impacts on the human society, and the digital revolution is not an exception. Information has never been made so quick and easy, and information related to sexual life is also available easily on the internet. Young adults are getting exposed to such material regularly. Such material makes them fall into bad or misinformed habits, and one such is masturbation.

Does masturbation offer benefits? Are there any side effects? Read on to get clarity.

Masturbation or self-pleasure might not be considered altogether bad. Several sex therapists argue that masturbation, when done with the right technique and when not done in excess, increases sexual stamina and libido. Not common in women as it is in men, masturbation is known to reduce stress levels in the person.

During orgasm, your body releases oxytocin in high quantities. The chemical oxytocin is known to decrease stress levels in both men and women. Hence, regular masturbation decreases stress in a person and considerably increases the sexual stamina as well. Also, this stress-buster reduces the risk of heart diseases as well.

Possible side effects that occur due to excessive masturbation

Be it through sex with your partner or through masturbation, orgasm offers a host of health benefits. However, when you indulge in it excessively, you may experience certain side effects, a few of which are described below.

  • Feeling guilty:A not-so-serious side effect is the association of guilt to the act. Most men who regularly masturbate can relate to this feeling. You may feel dirty and shameful, as your conscience thinks that the habit is immoral. However, you need not feel so, because, masturbation is neither immoral nor wrong.
  • Getting addicted to the habit:The next side effect is an addiction, and again, this too is not a serious side effect. The release of the stress-relieving chemicals and the possibility of experimenting your body can make you get addicted to the habit. Also, if you are single, there are high chances of you getting addicted to masturbation.

Notable symptoms are skipping your daily routine chores, missing social events, missing work, and reduced social interaction. When you notice one or more of these symptoms, you must either consciously regulate the habit or can seek the help of a sex therapist. Even if you are extremely addicted to the habit, a few sessions with your sex therapist will help you have a control on the habit.

How can it affect your sex life?

When you use the wrong technique while masturbating, there is a risk of your sex life getting affected. This is quite a serious side effect that needs to be addressed at the earliest. If your grip on the penis while masturbating is too tight, this may decrease sensation in sex life with your partner. You may try changing the technique of masturbation. If that doesn’t seem to work, it is necessary to seek expert help. When your participation in sex life is decreased, it is not only affecting you but also your partner. Decreased satisfaction in sex life, in turn, triggers a series of problems that will affect the relationship.

So, masturbation, when done moderately with the right technique, is beneficial. Else, things go haywire!

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