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Managing Your Sexual Relationship During Pregnancy!

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Managing Your Sexual Relationship During Pregnancy!

Most couples are surprised by the way the arrival of a baby alters their relationship and their entire lives. Whether it is your first or second child, your relationship with your partner is likely to suffer a jolt. Having babies can bring each other closer, but it can also chip away the basic constituent of the relationship.

Some of the most common relationship pitfalls that a relationship suffers from and their remedies are discussed below:

Deprivation of sleep

  • It goes without saying that having children can be overwhelming as well as exhausting. The cumulative nature of the sleep deprivation leads to mood swings and makes it difficult to cope up with the regular stress.
  • This stress accumulates and is likely to affect the relationship between the new parents.
  • To help the condition, it is recommended to sleep while the baby is asleep so that your mind and body can relax.
  • You can seek help from your family members too, if they can help you cope up with the regular chores.

Lack of intimacy

  • It is no surprise that sexual intimacy would decline while being pregnant and it eventually vanishes after childbirth.
  • Sexuality is a very personal and intimate connection between two people; sexual disconnection and dysfunction can become a crucial problem for many people.
  • You should not view lack of intimacy as a sign of rejection as it may cause misunderstandings and the relationship may suffer.
  • You can have other forms of intimacy such as touching or kissing or snuggling and take your time to connect with each other physically.
  • Remember that sexual connection is not the only way of physical connection and you must try to explore them while being pregnant and after childbirth.

Sharing responsibilities

  • When a new member comes to the family, it invariably leads to increase in responsibilities and this may cause a physical deprivation.
  • It also causes resentments and glitches when one partner feels that he or she is executing more tasks than the other.
  • This leads to miscommunication and physical intimacy is likely to suffer.
  • Try to map out each other’s routine and see to it that each one has his or her own share of responsibilities.
  • The transition that any couple undergoes while the woman is pregnant is certainly joyous and when the child comes to the family, it can be miraculous as well as challenging on the other hand. You cannot afford to let your love life sink, and therefore, both of you should come together to keep the love ignited.

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