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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Male masturbation: Tips for Solo Play

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Dr. Dinesh Kumar JagpalSexologist • 27 Years Exp.MBBS
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Masturbation is also called a practice of self pleasure. It is the most common practice in men. About 95% of men in the world practice this act of self pleasure called masturbation. When we try anything  often we get bored from it, same as with masturbation. When we use the same method or solo practice we get bored of it. So we need to understand it for a more satisfying result.

When you are at home or idle, taking biological chemical demands there are sexual thoughts of repeating what you have experienced earlier. You feel horny and you masturbate. All men do it. Old fashioned men do it with hands, new ones do with sex toys or hands. You can spend a loving time with yourself which has few benefits. It's always good to have a partner but solotime can help to experiment with less performance pressure to learn new and good ways. You go beyond masturbation with your penis and  experiments with masturbation can  result in better sex and bonding.

Is masturbation good for health?

Masturbation is a healthy act if done in a controlled way, however doing something many times is bad for the body. It is a way to  know yourself more physically as well as discover your fantasies that make you feel good. Apart from sexual pleasure there are many benefits in masturbation to the body. When masturbation is taken on moral ground, it may sound wrong, however it has many health benefits, which may aid masturbating you easily and without pressure:

  • Masturbation  lowers your stress levels in the body: Doing Masturbation in a private place releases stress and anxiety. When masturbating the self is forgotten and the whole body gets excited and after orgasm it relaxes down which helps the men who are stressed, they feel relaxed.
  • Masturbation is best for penis  health as it increases blood in the veins and capillaries  of penis. This provides blood which maintains the health of penis, as it is the area of opening where infection can occur.
  • Masturbation is the safest sex like experience we can have: In this we can avoid sex diseases like STI, HIV etc. here you can enjoy without any risk. In this you can't get pregnant by any chance. 
  • As masturbation releases dopamine and serotonin:  these are pain relievers and stress relievers which help during stress or if the mood is not right.

Tips for solo masturbation:

Set the mood

Masturbation  is, always for men , a quickie either in a room or in a bathroom due to fear somebody will see us. But men can plan for more time with themselves and set up room for more satisfying or having more quality time. You can make masturbation more satisfying by following some steps like:

  • We can turn down the lights in the room.
  • We can play some good and erotic music inside the room.
  • We can try some dirty talk to ourselves and tease ourselves.
  • Do not get scared and  be relaxed. 


We always try on one position and stick to it for a long period of time. We should try many exciting positions. We all try masturbating while standing and leaning ourselves to the counter or wall but we can try pushing your hip to the wall wall. We can try by lying down and applying force to bed. We can try by sitting on a bed or chair. There are different positions which sensate differently  and make you more satisfied.

Different Stroking

We can use both hands while masturbating. We always masturbate by moving our hands up and down in a motion, it leads to orgasm to mostly all men with a penis. There are many movements or stroke should be applied for more satisfy experience or orgasm.we should experiment yourself like:

  • We can masturbate by moving penis clockwise or anticlockwise. 
  • We can rub it with our palm and tickle the forehead of penis.
  • We can try holding tight grip and move your hip forward and backward.

There are many types of stroke in which you can find which sensate you more or gives you pleasure more.


We have a prostate which is called as male g-spot. This can, when tickled , give you the body feel of sex. If you have tried it, do it now.  We can use one finger to rub the outside and inside of anal opening slowly. Then insert to massage your prostate slowly. Now increase the motion and speed to feel more until you're ready to finish it off.  If you can't use the finger to feel your prostate , we can use toys to do so. Please use it for more pleasure.

We always watch porn to have sexual pleasure. But we can use many methods to do so like listening to audio books, reading magazines.


Masturbation is a healthy practice which can be done by everybody. We should keep in mind that in doing so we should not harm ourselves . If you have any problem related to masturbation please refer to a doctor immediately.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!

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