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Lasik Surgery: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go for It

Dr. Meetu Bansal 89% (131 ratings)
Ophthalmologist, Delhi  •  16 years experience
Lasik Surgery: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go for It

LASIK is a common eye surgery that helps in correcting vision problems. During this procedure, the cornea of the eye is cut across by a medical expert to raise the tissues and reshape them to correct vision.

  1. No need of glasses: You no longer require glasses as your vision turns to normal post-LASIK surgery.
  2. Goodbye contact lenses: LASIK surgery will help eliminate the need for contacts. You will be able to avoid all the problems pertaining to wearing a contact lens, including lens solution.
  3. Quick results and recovery: This surgery enables you to return to your normal schedule immediately the day after the surgery. You can have clear and improved vision within a day.
  4. Improved vision: A study reveals that 95% of the people who underwent this surgery achieved uncorrected visual acuity of 20/40 and 85% of the people achieved 20/20 vision. This procedure ensures that a patient achieves enhanced vision.
  5. Long- lasting outcomes: A minimum timeframe of 3 months is required for the eyes to adjust, after which LASIK results are permanently noticeable in a patient. No follow up procedures are required unless something wrong went with the surgery. The patient will continue to have improved vision unless there is any normal loss due to illness or aging.
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