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I am Dr. Harshita Sethi, Ayurveda. I advise diet according to the body type. I just want to put the light that what is the body type. In Ayurveda, we say, vata, pitta, and kapha body types. Vata is biological humors which represent our body and responsible for all physiological and pathological functions of the body. Pitta represents water and fire factors of the body. Kapha represents water and kapha factors. If I talk about myself, I am pitta and kapha type. So, what kind of diet I have to take to maintain the balance of these doshas. If I will keep taking more and more salty and sugary foods in combination or regularly in a row, it might increase pitta inside me which will increase acidity, weaken the bones, it could be responsible for premature graying. So, I have to be careful when I am meeting with this kind of food combinations. Also, I need to make sure that I am not increasing kapha doshas by taking too much of dairy items, wheat because these will imbalance my body. So, when somebody comes to me I do the body constitution and advise them diet as per their body type.

This is a very important thing for prevention as well as preservation. I ask a few questions to them and somebody examination on which I make my diagnosis and advice lifestyle and dietary modification so that they can maintain their health. Today I will talk about very common element we all experience at some point of our life which is called fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome. Patients come and say that I feel tired all the time. Then I have to find out that this tiredness is due to the overwork or it is due to idealness. We have to categorize the fatigueness into 3 parts. 1. Fatigue due to overwork. 2. Fatigue due to idealness. When we are not working hard enough and lack of motivation in our life. So, I guide them accordingly to change the lifestyle, do some exercises. Take good diet. 3. When fatigue becomes very serious and called chronic fatigue syndrome. In this, tiredness remains all the time. Fatigue causes physical and mental stress. So, when there is fatigue, in spite of taking 9 hours of sleep, good diet, we are feeling tired. We are not in a mood to do anything.

Then we have to find out the underlying cause of it. It could be anemia, metabolic disorder like thyroid, diabetes, liver weakness. Another cause viral infection. At home also we can find out the cause like are we taking improper diet. In Ayurveda, we have got some remedies, herbs which we give accordingly. We give them dhatri which is rich in iron. According to different causes, we give them different herbs as per their problem. We tell them some yoga postures, diet to make their element go away. We also give some rejuvenating herbs to the patient so that they can overcome their problems. We give chamanprash as the diet supplement to nourish their body and also to cure the underlying cause. Suppose, somebody has a weak liver function then we give them grated ginger with lime and with pinch of salt before food. We increase their pitta agni. So that liver function will be proper and the metabolism will come into proper shape. Then we have some different therapies in ayurveda. We advise them to take some oil massages, shirodhara therapy. There are some nasayam therapy, panchakarma therapy to detoxify their body.

They can take a healthy diet and improve the lifestyle for the proper functioning of the body. We are also seeing that people are taking too much of stress, they are not taking proper sleep, not doing proper exercise. People are not thinking of nature. We see that certain changes start coming into our body so we have to catch the first symptom arises in our body. It can be because of certain food combination which I am not taking properly. In hindu festivals, we have navratra which comes every 6 months. So, during this festival we can detoxify our body. We have got all kinds of grains with proper vitamins, minerals but we do not take it in our normal lifestyle. So, we have to think about all kinds of nuts and grains which we can take during these 9 days. We can get relief from all symptoms of chronic fatigue. In ayurveda we use different kinds of oils for different people, so if somebody has more vatta, dryness in the body then we apply different kinds of oil to relieve the dryness and to calm down the other problems. If somebody has more pitta in the body then we give a different kind of therapies.

Abyanga therapy is also very important to give lubrication to the body. We give the same to improve the circulation and to remove the toxins. These are the essential things which we should do in our daily life to relieve the symptoms of fatigue. So, we have to take care of the body from the beginning of the day. Sitting ideal and watching TV is not the way of healthy living. People come after retirement and they do not have anything to do in their life so I tell them to go to some religious place and join some activities to stay active throughout life. Symptoms always come because of an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. So, we have to find out the issue within ourselves. So, take some homemade juices which give you instant energy. If someone is having iron deficiency then they can take beetroot, carrot and pomegranate juices. Dates are also very good for health. It can be taken with milk, soak in the water or normally can be taken. So, these kinds of things we need to take regularly in our life. We need to take almonds, raisins, cashews and we need to maintain a proper balance. We someone has the cholesterol issue, we do advise them to take cashews in less quantity. So, a balance has to be maintained. So, these dietary changes we need to do our parakarti and need and sometimes environmental factors also play a major role. All the things we need to take into consideration. So, if you want to contact me, you can contact me through Lybrate and at my clinics.


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