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I am Dr. D G Saple, Dermatologist. This clinic was started 11 years back. There is growing demand from the patient for clinical dermatology that Dr you being a skin specialist will give good cosmetology. Why don't you start cosmetology clinic? We are expert in skin, hair, acne, pigmentation, filler and botox. This group of us came together and started this clinic. We take proper history of the patient.

Decision is taken by the group of the Drs not a single Dr to plan the treatment. We have facility like skin biopsy, allergy test, microscopic examination for fungus and tricloscan for hair. We have Q-switched for pigmentation, laser hair removal, anti-ageing equipment. We do hair restoration therapy, stim therapy, PRP and laser therapy. We have a good counseling team. Our centre is well known for academic career and interest. So lastly, our centre is for skin, hair problems. We group of Drs working together to give better result.

Thank You.

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