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Know More About Hearing Loss

Dr. B. B. Khatri 90% (16 ratings)
ENT Specialist, Delhi  •  36 years experience
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Good morning, I am doctor Khatri I will tell about hearing loss.

So the hearing loss is a very common problem which occurs with the ageing process and it can occur because of persistent and prolonged noise exposure. It's a difficult problem which happens throughout the world and it can be of two types - conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing is very important for the life because if there is a hearing loss then we don't enjoy discussions, talking and especially music and other environmental sounds.

So there are two types of losses conductive hearing loss - the conductive hearing loss is because of diseases in the external and middle ear because of repairment in the conduction of the sounds. External ear and middle ear which contains small bones which are as far as more conductive of the sound to the inner ear.

Common causes for sensorineural hearing loss is post viral process which is involved in the inner ear the reason being due to prolonged exposure to the noise for long duration and there is a congenital in an inner ear that auto slow system which involves the nerves inner ear. Then there can be minute diseases to most of the inner ear are driven, the inner ear bones it can be because of trauma and injury which involves a texture of the ear bones and then it can be because of understanding worm formation.

The treatment for the hearing loss is depending on the cause we treat - the cause like infection is there then we give antibiotic and ear drops, wax can be removed then malformation in the ear trunk that can be replaced by an operation. Then in the other diseases like minute diseases are also treated with medical on the auto slow system which is treated by the century and that could be use of hearing track, it also moderates to severe hearing loss.

The hearing, that is used to specify the sound and especially is able to hear. Then there can be surgical treatments involving whatever the cause of the diseases is here, so the prevention is more important than cure . So always we have to take preventive steps like exposure to the loud noise should not go longer duration, ear phones which are normally nowadays teenage children are using , which should not be used for higher volume with long time duration . Any medicine can cause hearing loss and that should be avoided .

If there is a hearing loss and then there are certain operations if there is a profound or a lot hearing loss, total hearing loss and there is a surgery called Choclear Implant surgery, that can be done. Thank you.



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