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Instant Glowing Skin Treatment

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Dr. Anvika Mittal 87% (60 ratings)
MD - Dermatology, MBBS, Diplomate of American Board of Laser Surgery
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  15 years experience
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Hello everyone,

Dr. Amvika here, Dermatologist. All of you want that instant skin glow before hitting the party and what you have been trying for that the salon facials , and regardless to say you are disappointed so far. So upgrade your treatment , go for instant skin glow treatment done by radio frequency machine - the US FDA approved machine .

What we do in this is , we give rotational massages on the cheek and the person feels like a hot stone massage. What actually is happening ? The radio frequency energy is getting inside the deepest layer of the skin now.

Unless something gets into the deepest of the skin , real skin chain do not occur . So what were you doing in the facials? You were restricting yourself on the top most layer of the skin that is why you are not getting results. Now when the radio frequency actually gets inside the skin it helps both the skin to produce new collegel and an elastin and as new collagen and elastin producing for the next few months, the skin starts getting better and tighter.

It is a very safe procedure and takes half an hour for the whole procedure . Instant skin glow results you can appreciate in the pictures.

So do contact doctor Anvika's clinic in case you want that instant skin glow before getting to the party in safe and effective manner.

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