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Last Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Infections Of The Vagina, Cervix and Uterus: Facts You Must Know.

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Dr. Bandana SodhiGynaecologist • 34 Years Exp.DNB, MS, MBBS
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Infections of the vagina, cervix and uterus

Vaginal problems are very common and a little awareness can enable women to take care of this delicate region of their body. Vaginal infections are the most irritable and hurtful and lack of education on the same makes it difficult to prevent them; from burning and itching to unpleasant odour, most women have faced these infections at some point of their lives.

Here are few points you must know about to stay clear of these infections.

1. Vaginal infections: vagina contains bacteria and yeast which are good and maintain the health of the area. However, things like change in levels of hormones, poor hygiene, pregnancy, sexual contact, antibiotics, disturb the balance of health, thus causing infections. Most common types of vaginal infections are: bacterial infections, yeast infections, trichomonas vaginitis. While there exist over-the-counter cure for these infections, it is best to visit your gynecologist and get the infections diagnosed & treated.

2. Cervix inflammation: infection or inflammation in the cervix is called cervicitis. It is pretty common and is influenced by a number of factors like allergies, infections or irritations - it is important to know the cause of cervicitis because in the long run, it could pose a problem with fertility. Symptoms of cervicitis include foul smelling vaginal discharge, pain during passing urine, pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding like bleeding after sexual contact or between periods. Cervicitis is treated with the help of anti-fungal medications, antibiotics and anti-viral medications depending upon the evaluation of the underlying cause.

3. Pelvic and uterine infection: infection in the uterus and pelvis is also a matter which should not be left untreated. It can present with pain lower abdomen, pain during intercourse, frequent and painful urination. The infection can be caused by various organisms which can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which in turn can spread to the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

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