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CT Scan - Cervical Spine With Virtualscopy Test

CT Scan - Cervical Spine With Virtualscopy Test

The cervical spine is a part of the spine cord that runs through the neck. It consists of seven vertebrae (C1 to C7) and begins at the base of the skull. The bones are cylindrical shaped that lie in front of the spinal cord and placed one on top of the other to make one continuous column of bones in the neck. The cervical spine is at risk because it is on this location where stresses and forces are effected through daily activities consequently causing pain. Virtualscopy shows better acceptance rate, can be shared for further diagnosing.

Patient may advise to do computer tomography (CT scan) if there are injuries after an accident. Reasons for a CT scan: Herniated discs (cause of back pain), birth defects of the cervical spine in children, tumours that may have started in the spine or somewhere else in the body, broken bones, and infections.

Patient is advised to discuss about their allergies, medical history. If patient is pregnant, a clearance certificate has to be produced from your doctor. Patient may be asked to remove jewellery, piercings, eyeglasses, hearing aids, removable dental work and may have to lie at your back. Patient may be asked to drink lots of water.

Virtualscopy present a 3D effect which help a doctor to create presentation, can be used during professional meetings, health fairs etc. To eliminate further injury, CT scanning is the most efficient technique. To detect cysts or infection, to measure the bone density, used to guide doctors or surgeons during a procedure like biopsy. It will help to understand if the patient’s body is responding to treatment and to plan certain therapy or surgery. It helps to identify stages of cancer.

A contrast dye injection is injected near the spinal cord which enable doctor to view certain areas of the body. Patient is made to lie on the examination table on back to pass through the CT scanner while the x- ray beams record the images. Patient is expected to lie still because any movement may affect the CT images. Patient may be strapped to stay in place.

There will be tendency for the body to be warm or a metallic taste in the mouth immediately after receiving the contrast dye which will fade away within some minutes.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.2800 to Rs.4000 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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