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PapSmear with Gyn Procedure Test

PapSmear with Gyn Procedure Test

Pap smear test also known as Papanicolaou test involves the collection of loose cells by scraping from the cervix. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. The test is done primarily to test for the presence of precancerous or cancerous conditions. It is done as a routine test in gynecological examinations. Also done to check severe swellings on the cervix. Usually done in sexually active women to screen cancer in cervix, uterus or vagina. The test would usually be done by a gynecologist. In the case of unavailability, a nurse practitioner would do the test.

The test is not to be conducted during the menstrual period because the blood discharge would interfere with the result. For best results care should be taken to get the test done after two weeks of the menstrual period. Avoid having sex for 24 hrs. before the test. Tell the doctor about any medications like oral contraceptives. Take bath before the test. An empty bladder is recommended to avoid test results dilution. You will be asked to disrobe below the waist and will be given a gown.

The Pap Smear test is done to ensure is the swelling present at the vaginal opening is due to cancerous cells or otherwise. In case of cervical inflammation with no cancerous tissue present, further testing would be done this is called false positive testing. And, this requires follow-up tests. Slight discomfort may be experienced but this would ensure if precancerous or cancerous tissues are present in the vaginal opening. If abnormal cells are present it is recommended to undergo colposcopy done through cervical punch biopsy, or pelvic ultrasound. Abnormal results may be present as Squamous cell abnormalities or Glandular epithelial cell abnormalities.

The attendant will ask you to lie down on the table, with open feet raised and kept on stirrups. Then a speculum would be used to open the walls of the vagina so as to help view the upper parts of vagina and cervix. Then with the help of a swab or wooden spatula, the cells are collected and placed on the slide. In case of liquid suspension test, the cells are after collection kept in a liquid which is later examined.

cervix scrap
1 scrap
glass side
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
RS 50- Rs 1800

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