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Importance Of A Healthy Relationship Between Husband And Wife

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Dr.Sudhir Bhola 91% (1383ratings)
MD - Alternate Medicine, BAMS
Sexologist, Gurgaon  •  22years experience
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I am Dr. Sudhir Bhola, Sexologist. Today I will tell you about the importance of a healthy relationship between couples. I have seen a number of patients, they do not have any kind of sexual disorder but still, they are not able to consummate their marriage. The reason is they are not comfortable with each other. Especially, when both do not have any prior experience of sexual activity. In that case, the problem is more when both of them are inexperienced. Now, in the case of man, he takes so much anxiety that he is going to perform. Everybody should know that this is the first night for him as well as for his wife also. So, what if you both are not able to perform on the first night.

Rather I would suggest you not to act it for the first night. You should only focus on your general relationship. There is an exercise called focus exercise. Once you are comfortable with each other, then you should start with foreplay and of course, you can go ahead with a penetration. But mind it, even the girl will have the phobia of getting anything into her vagina that it is going to be a painful activity. So, while seeing the pain on the wife's face, a man can lose his erection. So, nothing very much serious about it. That doesn't mean you are suffering from any kind of sexual disorder. So, try to be very much calm, quiet and make a very good ambiance in your bedroom.

Go very slow step by step. Keep trying it. If it is not the first day, 2nd day or even the 10th day you will be successful. But even on the 10th day, you are not able to consummate your marriage then you should be concerned about your sexual health. You should not delay anymore and you should definitely take the help of any Dr urologist or any sexologist.

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