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Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

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MBBS, Master In Dermatology, Diploma in Aesthetic
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I am Dr. Rachna Singh, Dermatologist. Today I will talk about hyaluronic acids filler. It is a transparent steroid bio-degradable gel which usually comes in 1ml sterile package. How much ml is required is depends on person to person, male and female. Now the question is who can avail hyaluronic acids filler? Any age group between 18-80 years can avail hyaluronic acids fillers. Indications for their chic bone enhancement, for eyebrow lift, nose job correction, lip job, jawline, neckline, hand rejuvenation, anybody can take.

It is a lunch hour procedure. No downtime and the best part is a completely non-surgical treatment. Now, how much ml is required that depends on which indicates you are taking of hyaluronic acids filler and on which area you are willing to take. It usually comes in 1 ml syringe. The results last for up to 1-2 years. Before the procedure, we apply the numbing cream so that you will not feel any sort of discomfort and pain. So, it is a non-surgical, painless treatment. So, for the enhancement of your facial features and for anti-aging treatment, do contact us through Lybrate and know more about hyaluronic acids fillers.

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