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How To Improve Vigour and Vitality With Unani Medicines?

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How To Improve Vigour and Vitality With Unani Medicines?

The Unani system of medicine evolved in Greece and was first introduced to India by the Arabs. It is also called Unani Tibb or Arabian medicine. Hippocrates is known as the father of the Unani system of medicine and the theoretical framework of this system is based on his teachings.

  1. This traditional medicinal system was later developed and refined through systematic experiments by the Arabs. 
  2. Unani medicines are safe and effective as they are prepared from medicinal plants, minerals, animal products, etc.
  3. In Unani medicine, single drugs or their combinations in raw forms are preferred over and above compound formulations.
  4. The drugs are also said to be safe and free from any side effects.
  5. One of the best Unani medicines to improve vigour and vitality is Arq-e-Amber or Arq Amber. This medicine is used to strengthen the heart, brain, liver and stomach.
  6. Apart from increasing vigour, it has all the properties to improve general, physical, and mental well-being.
  7. Unani Medicines is also an excellent aphrodisiac and is very effective in improving sexual vigour and vitality.

Arq - Unani Medicines to Improve Vitality & Vigor

Arq is a liquid obtained by the distillation of a number of drugs. These drugs are boiled in a distillation apparatus to get vapours which condense and give arq of these desired drugs. The arq thus contains the volatile part of the drugs.

Ingredients of Arq-e-Amber: Now that we know what arq is, let’s move on to Arq Amber. This is an Unani medicine which has a slightly acrid taste and is light yellow in colour and smells like a lemon. It is prepared from Amber which is a secretion of Ambra grosea, Musakhkhin, or Calorific which increases body warmth. The other ingredients of Arq Amber are basically brain and heart tonics and aphrodisiacs.

Arq Amber-Benefits

  1. Heart tonic tonifies the liver, brain and reproductive organ
  2. Eliminates mental fatigue and exhaustion
  3. Improves vigour and vitality
  4. Increases sexual power
  5. Restores energy

Arq-/e-Amber- Therapeutic Benefits

  1. Weakness of the heart
  2. Weakness of the brain
  3. Weakness of the liver
  4. Eliminates fainting and temporary loss of consciousness due to fall in blood pressure
  5. Asthenia

Dosage of Unani Medicines to Improve Vigour & Vitality

  • Arq-e-Amber: 60 ml Arq-e-Amber is taken orally twice a day along with Anar Sharbat. Habbe Amber Momyai is also very useful in increasing sexual vim and vigour in males. It is also an excellent cardio- brain tonic. It also tones nerves and safeguards libido in males. It also removes sexual weakness immediately after coitus.
  • Habbe Jawahar: This Unani medicine is beneficial in getting back to one’s feet post the convalescence. It helps you regain vitality and it works by strengthening the sensory and motor parts of the brain and improving the function of gray matter. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can ask a free question.

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