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How to Cure and Maintain Acne Prone Skin

Dr. Vignessh Raj 88% (379 ratings)
Dermatologist, Bangalore  •  10 years experience
How to Cure and Maintain Acne Prone Skin

Acne can be a major chronic issue with many people, especially women. Ugly breakouts will cause you to become conscious about your skin and affect your confidence. While you may try a whole range of products to cure and to keep your skin free of acne, there are certain basic tips which you can implement with great success. (Learn more to keep your skin healthy)


Don't depend on exfoliation and don't do too much of it: While light exfoliation is quite good for the skin, but too much, too regular and too hard scrubbing will only result in the skin's oil glands becoming over active. This in turn may encourage the growth of even more acne. Use your fingers to clean your skin lightly instead of using abrasive products.

Get products which are primarily salicylic acid based: This acid is a naturally occurring light chemical, which is very good at cleansing skin. Thus look for products, which have high levels of this ingredient. It can easily remove all the dead skin cells that may close the pores of your skin while retaining the moisture within.

Stop using products that may dehydrate your skin: Many alcohol based astringents and other products meant to take out oil from your skin to reduce acne, instead end up causing it. This is because if the skin is too dehydrated, it will over produce oil to keep it hydrated. Use products, which will not dehydrate your skin. After washes, ensure that you moisturize your skin with a light moisturizer even while the skin is damp to ensure natural balanced levels of moisture.

Avoid the tendency or the temptation to touch your face: Your hands are a reservoir of oil and dirt in microscopic levels as you use them to do a multitude of things throughout the day. You may have a subconscious habit of touching your face multiple times throughout the day. This will cause all the oil and grime to deposit on your face, which will only lead to acne. Thus develop the habit of not touching your face too much.

Be careful with the type of makeup you use: Understand, which products work better with your skin. There are certain products, which will immediately cause problems on your skin and thus you should avoid them. Certain materials such titanium oxide, silica and zinc oxide are known to be good bases for makeup products. These ingredients absorb excess oil and don't clog pores. Try switching and stick to the ones that cause the least skin problems.

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