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How To Choose A Plastic Surgeon?

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MCh - Plastic Surgery, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MS, DNB
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Mumbai  •  30years experience
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Good afternoon everybody,

I am Dr. Anshuman Manaswi, today, I would like to speak about the most basic aspect of the patient dilemma and that is how to choose a cosmetic surgeon when you have decided to undergo a beauty treatment. Contrast to cosmetology or medical cosmetology where you have non-invasive treatments like laser hair removal or pigmentation treatment or some tattoo removal, cosmetic surgeries are invasive which essentially means that you have to go under the knife, it is a surgery and so a lot of things have to be kept into mind because you cannot undergo surgeries again and again. So how do we go about the whole process? The most important thing is first you must decide as to why do you want to go for one particular cosmetic surgery whether it be a face left or liposuction or a breast implant or breast reduction or so many plastic surgeries that there are cosmetic surgeries are there. After you have decided, then you have to approach a clinic but before approaching the clinic you have to do certain researches and find out which is the best for you, which one fits better in your budget and which one is going to give you the best result.

Remember at this juncture it is important that you do not for any reason get carried away because somebody else has done a cosmetic surgery. It is very personal, cosmetic surgeries are supposed to enhance your confidence, your self-comfort and also they may help you professionally if you are in such a profession or in case you are ageing and you want to look youthful. So, coming to the most important thing how to choose a clinic; doctor from the most essential part of the clinic. Whenever you enquire or do a research, you first find out which doctor you want to go with. All cosmetic surgeries are done only by qualified plastic surgeons. Do not get confused between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeons. Anybody who is a cosmetic surgeon has to have a basic degree in plastic surgery. So you have to find out which medical college did the doctor graduated from, there are different types of medical colleges and the best medical colleges obviously give better doctors. Now when we talk about the degree, there are various types of degrees which are available.

There are only 2 degrees which are important: one is MCH and one is the diplomat of National Board or DNB. All plastic surgeons should have these two degrees otherwise they are usually not qualified to do cosmetic surgeries. Do not get carried away by foreign fellowships and observerships and degrees because they are very easy to get and hands-on experience are not there in that. You also need to find out that whether the particular surgeon is from allopathy or from Ayush department and you have to sort of to be clear in your mind whether you want to be treated by allopathic MCH or DNB doctor or you want to go with Ayurvedic, homeopathy, unani, siddha, etc. The experience of the doctor also matters, obviously with experience the things change and some insight comes into most of us and that helps in the better result. You must ask the doctor about their past patients, how many patients they have operated on and the most important thing to look for is the confidence of the doctor. Remember confidence is very important and cosmetic surgery by default requires a lot of experience and imagination. So, doctors may be left to thinking as to it is the best plan for you, do not get confused within less of less confidence in the doctor. Finally, the doctor should give you the best plan for you and make sure that you know that the doctor is confident. Now, how to choose a clinic? The clinic should be neat, clean; it should have an adequate facility for your safety. Remember safety is the most important thing, after all, you have surgeries.

Look at the reviews: how good or bad are the reviews of the clinic. Now recently you have we have a trend of 5-star cosmetic clinics or cosmetic surgery clinics which in fact increase your cost without any particular benefit. These are usually owned by business houses and basically for business purpose. I would probably suggest you choose a cosmetic surgery centre which is owned by a doctor or owned by a plastic cosmetic surgeon or a cosmetologist or a dermatologist but a surgeon at the helm of the affair is always better for you. Another important factor is cost. Now with so much of competition, a lot of people are offering very low-cost model. Now, remember a very low-cost model may not be the best thing for you because usually there are compromises. If it is an offer only for sometimes you must be clear about what the offer says because good service, good doctors, good surgeons do not come very cheap but at the same time if you have a financial problem discuss openly with the doctors and most of the time the doctors would be able to help you and try and find out some way of operating without compromises. The various ways by which the cost can be decreased by for example not choosing a single room, going to a twin sharing or a triple sharing room and things like that or choosing a hospital which is less cheap and which is cheaper and less costly.

Now another important point is that you should do your research properly and make sure who all are there in the team, what is the follow up which you are going to be which is going to be there. Remember cosmetic surgery is surgery and any surgery requires certain time, it's there is a downtime which is required for the final outcome, so all that details may be important for you to before you make a decision. Coming to advertisements, most of us advertise with the brand name of our clinics and it is important for you to see what is a genuine advertisement and what is not a genuine advertisement. Discuss freely with an open mind. If you have done research, very good. Don't be dogmatic, keep your eyes and ears open, keep your mind open and discuss with your fellow colleague or somebody indirectly even if you don't want to disclose about the problem and maybe you are likely to have a correct line of treatment. In the end, thank you very much. You can visit Lybrate for further relationship with me.

Thank you very much!

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