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How Smoking Tobacco Affects Health

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How Smoking Tobacco Affects Health

It is primarily found in North and South America as a nightshade plant. This plant's dried leaves are smoked in cigars, pipes, and cigarettes. Many people chew the leaves or inhale them via their nostrils all around the world. Nicotine is an addictive substance found in tobacco. Because of this component, most individuals find it difficult to quit using this product. This plant is damaging to one's health because of the chemical Nicotine, and individuals who consume it experience a range of negative effects. Tobacco is harmful to the body because the leaves impact several organs, including -

Brain: Tobacco has a special chemical that gets you addicted. It goes straight to the brain. After smoking, you will feel agitated and unhappy. It is also to blame for the occurrence of headaches. The more amount of nicotine you consume, the more your brain will crave it! 

Lungs: Tobacco smoking causes respiratory issues by directly harming the lungs. It can also cause coughing issues in certain people. The majority of people are diagnosed with lung cancer or other lung ailments as a result of smoking.

Skin: It causes your skin to become dry and yellow. It makes your face wrinkled. At a very young age, your skin becomes dull. It also increases the level of pollutants embedded in your skin. 

Mouth: It causes poor smell and discolors your teeth. It also eliminates taste buds from your tongue, making you unable to consume anything, including your favorite foods. Gum disease, as well as mouth and throat cancer, are all caused by it.

Muscles and bones: The flow of blood and oxygen in the body is sluggish, making you fatigued and lazy all of the time. This is not good for muscular growth. 

Heart: It causes a rise in blood pressure and heart rate, which can lead to cardiac attacks or other heart disorders. In circumstances where people go for workouts or activities, the heart needs to work harder.

Tobacco use has a number of negative consequences. There's a lot more to it.

The above information is enough to tell about the negative consequences of tobacco use on one's health. If you're having trouble quitting smoking, you should get medical help as 

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