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How Does Sexual Dysfunction Affect Women

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MD - Psychiatry
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How Does Sexual Dysfunction Affect Women

Persistent, recurrent problems with the sexual response, desire, arousal, orgasm or pain is medically known as female sexual dysfunction. More often than not greater than 1 problem co-exists that causes distress and also strains the relationship with one's partner.

Hypoactive sexual desire is the persistent or recurrent deficiency (or absence) of sexual fantasies or thoughts and/or the lack of receptivity to sexual activity.

* Sexual arousal disorder is the persistent or recurrent inability to achieve or maintain sufficient sexual excitement, expressed as a lack of excitement or a lack of genital or other somatic responses.

* Orgasmic disorder is the persistent or recurrent difficulty, delay, or absence of attaining orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal.

* Sexual pain disorder includes dyspareunia (genital pain associated with sexual intercourse); vaginismus ( a non-coital involuntary spasm of the vaginal musculature that causes interference with vaginal penetrate noncoital sexual pain disorder (genital pain induced by non-coital sexual stimulation).

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