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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Homeopathic Remedies To Treat Seasonal Ailments!

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Dr. Amit VoraHomeopathy Doctor • 20 Years Exp.BHMS, PG Hom London, M.D Homoeopathy
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In general, seasonal ailments are caused as a result of various types of allergies that are common during certain seasons. The infected individual produces different kinds of symptoms while being exposed to these allergens. These people develop antibodies that have the power to react with the substances naturally found in the environment and cause secretion of the IgE antibodies known as allergens. Thankfully, homoeopathy has several remedial treatments for fighting against these ailments and keeps you fit and fine all around the year.

Common types of allergens
The reaction that causes between the IgE antibodies and allergens leads to the release of various substances, including histamines that cause allergic symptoms in the skin, eyes, nose and chest. There are mainly two types of allergens- seasonal and perennial.

Ailments like hay fever commonly occur during the spring season with the beginning of plant pollination. Plants and grasses are the most common causes during the spring season, and ragweed is mainly responsible for the majority of symptoms caused during autumn. The perennial allergens are those that are responsible for causing diseases all through the year.

Possible diagnosis of seasonal diseases
If the common ailments are left untreated for a long time, these may lead to further complications. Therefore, it is imperative to consult a doctor and opt for the relevant blood tests to determine the presence of IgE antibodies. You may have to perform a skin patch test in case you are suffering from eczema. You could also opt for a skin prick test that includes using a tiny needle for pricking a drop of fluid. If there is a reaction right under the skin, the test result is positive, and you will have to undergo treatment for getting rid of the diseases.

Treatment through homoeopathy
Homeopathy is one of the most favoured holistic treatments that address the root of the problem. It is based on the theory of individualization as well as symptoms with the use of the system of medicine. Homeopathy is the only way by which you can regain a complete state of good health with the uprooting of all the signs as well as symptoms, which you may have been suffering from. This treatment proffers a whole range of medicines that can be administered as per the recommendations of a doctor. You can expect to not only get rid of the allergy but also treat the underlying causes as well as personal susceptibility so that the trouble doesn’t come back in the near future.


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