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HIFU Skin Treatment - What Should You Know?

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Dr. Malini Patil 92% (1163 ratings)
MBBS, Diploma in Venerology & Dermatology (DVD)
Dermatologist, Thane  •  21 years experience
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My name is Dr. Malini Patil, I am a dermatologist and cosmetologist. Today I will be talking about HIFU. HIFU is basically high intensity focused ultrasound treatment it is the latest technology used for non-surgical face lifting. Basically it is used to decrease the wrinkles, to remove the double chin, for sagging skin and also for facial thinning and contouring of the skin. As you already know collagen and elastin fibers are required for the normal elasticity of the skin which makes us look young, now as we age, the production of these fibers decreases, but the wear and tear of skin is going on, hence over a period of time there is sagging of skin, development of fine lines, wrinkles and even jowls and double chin. With this HIFU treatment which is currently 3D HIFU, the ultrasonic waves reach SMAS layer that is in the mid to the lower dullness, where the collagen and elastin fibers are produced it reaches that layer and it stimulates the collagen fiber production and also it enhances the skin elasticity from the bottom layer. So there is the contouring of skin as well as tightening of the skin. The best part about this treatment is, you can see the effect immediately after the procedure. There is tightening of the skin, toning of the skin, we can show you the before and after pictures immediately post-treatment. Now the tightening of skin goes on over a period of few months, so your skin keeps getting younger and younger day by day giving it a very natural look. There is no downtime to this treatment, so you can resume your work immediately after the treatment, you can do your makeup, you can do your daily activities. The effect of this 3D HIFU treatment lasts about a year or a year and a half, it is a very cost-effective treatment as compared to other non-surgical facelift options you have like detox, thread, a filler which needs to be done on a regular basis at least for 4-5 months. Now if the 3D HIFU treatment available, looking old is no longer an option. Avail this treatment and get a younger-looking, radiant, glowing skin. I hope you have understood whatever I have said in this video. You can get in touch with me via Lybrate if you have any queries.

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