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Hearing Loss In Elder People - How Do Hearing Aids Help?

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Hearing Loss In Elder People - How Do Hearing Aids Help?

With age, many of the organs in the human body start malfunctioning. Your ear is no different. Loss of hearing is a common complaint amongst many elderly people. In fact, it is among the most common disorders in the elderly affecting around one in three people between the ages of 65 and 74 years.

Many elderly people do not acknowledge the loss of hearing due to embarrassment or social stigma. However, it is a serious issue, which needs to be treated just like other disorders in the body.

What to do if you suffer from hearing loss?

The first and foremost thing is to admit to yourself that you suffer from hearing loss. Next, you need to seek the help of a medical professional. He/she can help you better understand the long-term solutions and treatment options available for degenerative hearing loss. An ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) specialist is the best doctor to help you in this regard.

Causes for age-related hearing loss:

Loss of hearing with age is known as presbycusis in medical parlance. Doctors and medical experts do not know the exact cause for such hearing loss. However, they suspect the following causes:

• A family history of hearing loss can make you more susceptible to hearing loss as you age.
• Prolonged exposure to loud noises is also thought to be responsible for age-related hearing loss.
• Viral and bacterial infections
• Cardiac issues or strokes
• Tumours
• Head injuries
• As a side effect of certain drugs

How do hearing aids help against hearing loss in the elderly?

Hearing aids are special electronic devices that help make sounds louder and more pronounced. Even though things and people sound different when heard through a hearing aid, your doctor will help you get used to the device. Here are some benefits of wearing such aids:

1. Reduce tinnitus - Tinnitus is the strange buzzing or ringing sound that you hear even though no sound is produced externally. Over prolonged periods tinnitus can affect the mood and disposition of a person. An elderly person with hearing loss often also suffers from tinnitus. However, wearing a hearing aid can significantly reduce episodes of tinnitus.

2. Boost social relationships- Hearing loss can be a great obstacle in the way of communication with family and friends. With hearing aids, you can once again converse with people and get your point across to them. Therefore, hearing aids help you avoid social isolation and in a way uplift your mood.

3. Reduce risk of cognitive disorders - Hearing loss in the elderly is closely associated with other cognitive disorders. In fact, people who suffer from loss of hearing at an old age are 41% more likely to develop other cognitive conditions. A hearing aid can reduce this risk immensely.

Therefore, stop neglecting hearing loss today. Seek proper treatment and care to avoid further complications from this disorder.

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