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Happy New Year: Shake Hands With A Healthy Life By Adopting Healthy Changes

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Happy New Year: Shake Hands With A Healthy Life By Adopting Healthy Changes

New Year, as its name suggests is the first day of the calendar year. The day is important and celebrated globally on a wide level. To some people, the new year signifies--New Beginnings--New Start, and taking up new resolutions. For many, it is all about setting health goals like building an exercise regimen, following a healthy lifestyle, losing weight, quitting smoking, etc. Some of these healthy goals often come with restrictions and don’t even sustain for long, leading people to break them within a few weeks or months. That’s why people always choose the same resolution every year after breaking them. 

It is highly important that people we should take up those resolutions that not only improve our health but also contribute to a better life. In short, we must adopt resolutions that can be followed for a lifetime. 

Here are some quintessential changes you can make in order to improve your life: 

Avoid sitting for long hours
Online jobs and inactive lifestyles have impacted a lot of people. Because of this, most of us sit static for longer than the usual limit. Sitting for too long poses a great threat to our health. Hence, this new year, adopt the habit of - sitting less and moving more. If you have a sitting job then take a pledge to move for at least 10 minutes after every half-an-hour.

Cut back on aerated and sweetened drinks
It is one of the smartest ideas to switch from aerated drinks to healthy drinks like green tea or green coffee. Unhealthy drinks often bring major health problems including fatty liver, heart disease, cavities, obesity, etc. Though it is not easy to leave this habit, gradual minimization of such drinks will help you in making your lifestyle healthier.

Quality sleep
Usually, everything depends upon sleep. If your sleeping habits are good then it will reflect on your health. If not, then also it has an impact on your overall health. In many cases, lack of sleep results in dangerous situations. A few of the drawbacks of sleep deprivation include- obesity, heart diseases, and depression. Many people do not even notice their sleeping habits and patterns. It is important to sleep qualitatively rather than quantitatively. Quality sleep is really beneficial in making life healthier and longer. 

Take up the physical activity that you enjoy
Take up the activity that you love the most! Most people buy expensive gym membership plans, products and enroll themselves into some physical online programs in the hope to lose weight before the arrival of next year. Choose the activity that can fit into your regular lifestyle. For instance, go for a brisk walk or jog for about half an hour before going to work. 

Practice the ‘self-care’ therapy
If you are taking out some time for yourself, then it doesn’t mean you are selfish! In fact, it is extremely important for your health and well-being. This is one of the best resolutions for people who have limited time. Self-care is a worthy investment to make for your overall well-being. 

The above healthy resolutions are practically sustainable and can be followed by leading a regular life. Instead of setting unrealistic or unachievable goals, make these small changes in your lifestyle this new year and see the difference. 

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