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Hair Transplant

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Hi. I am Dr. Abhishek, from Sareen Hair Clinic. Today I am here to talk about the things that we do here in our clinic. Primarily hair transplantation as well as the supported treatment that we do. Hair transplant is done by many methods. The newest thing that we have namely FUE Robotic and then DI. So by this what happens is we take the hair from the donor area that is the backward area and be implanted on the recipient area that is the balding, all the bald area and with this the results come very awesome and then after that, we give supported treatments to give you maximum results. Preoperatively we do many things. We do excess. We do Folliscopy so that the patient’s desires and everything we can access and we can give them the best results on whatever he or she is expecting and apart from the hair transplant, we also do a transplant on eyebrows, beard, chest and other body parts. So you are most welcome to get the treatments and don’t worry about hair loss. We are here to help you.

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