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Habits To Cultivate In Your Children!

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 Habits To Cultivate In Your Children!

Parents are responsible not only for the birth of the child but also for their well-being. For children, their parents are their first teachers, those who inculcate in them the right manners, attitudes and habits. Consequently, you too must be careful in deciding what habits and manners you pass down to your children.

Some of the habits that you should teach your children are:

1. Eating healthy food

Children always have the propensity to consume junk and avoid healthy food.  As a parent,you  must explain and elucidate the importance and nutritional value of eating healthy food. At the same time, the harm caused by the junk food must also be brought to their notice. You should introduce multiple fruits and green vegetables in the diet. Eating healthy food is a habit that reaps great benefits in the long run Avoid eating junk in front of your child.

2. Table manners

Children eating on their own generally creates a mess. Therefore, you must teach your child the right table manners. When to use spoon or fork and what should be the etiquettes that must be observed while eating with a large group of people must be known by a child. You should begin to treat your child as a grown up as he or she sits at the table. Eat with your child, avoid using mobile phones or watching television at dinner time.

3. Regular brushing of the teeth

The importance of teeth is most acutely felt with advanced age. Therefore, it is imperative that you teach your children to take good care of their teeth. You must educate your child about the necessity of good dental hygiene and see to it that they brush daily twice a day. Brushing in the morning as well as before going to sleep is equally important and the child must be aware of it.

4. Early to bed

It is necessary for children to get adequate sleep. Therefore, you must make it a habit from the very start to put them to sleep early and see to it that that they get sufficient rest.

5. Play outdoors

You must make it a habit for your children to play more often outside. Staying at home without any activity has serious repercussions like obesity and lethargy. Therefore, it is extremely important that children involve in sufficient physical activity of about 45-60 minutes everyday.

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