Gynecomastia - Know More About It

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I am Dr. Bheem.S Nanda, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon. Today we will talk about gynaecomastia which is a very common condition in adults. enlargement to the male breast inappropriate size of the body is called gynecomastia and it is very common because of obesity happening in kids. More and more children are going towards junk food. They are sitting at home and preparing for the exams. They are much concerned about their studies.

There is minimal physical activity. This increase in obesity and male chest. A few children can also have increase size in glands. In these children, the most common cause is a hormonal imbalance. These children are required investigations. Usually, we operate after the age of 16 years. it is a very simple surgery. We make a very small incision somewhere around 2mm just below the nipple and take out all the fatty tissue. Kids who have gland enlargement, we male 1cm of the incision to take out the gland.

So, we are able to give them a cosmetic look. There is a question of whether we should go with this type of surgery or not? It is a psychologically related surgery. If you are 2 much concerned about your chest size then only this surgery is required. Gynecomastia is not a disease that surgery is indicated. It is only for better body shape if you are too much concerned about your chest size.

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