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Guess What: Shedding Tears while Watching Movies is NOT Awkward!

Written and reviewed by
Dr. Dattaram Satpute 89% (46 ratings) MS Course- Counselling & Psychotherapy
Psychologist, Pune  •  18 years experience
Guess What: Shedding Tears while Watching Movies is NOT Awkward!

Shedding tears while watching movies can make you feel better

We all love watching movies be it comedy, action, family dramas or emotional ones. So many of us get emotional while watching an emotional movie. But how many of us actually shed tears? many of us are too conscious or suppressive about how we feel while watching a movie with friends. While watching comedy movies makes us happier and rejuvenates, do you have an idea that crying while watching emotional/dramatic movies has an even more positive impact on us than comic laughter.

Let's see how and why?

1. Some shed tears and some don't: while watching an emotional movie, some of us get emotional and some not only get emotional but cry too. But come to think of it, if you are totally involved in an emotional movie, where a scene comes where you get emotional and you feel like crying but you don't cry, aren't you suppressing an emotion within you? it's certainly a better idea to go with the flow and cry when you feel like crying.

2. Why crying is good: now you must be thinking that i'm strong enough to not let my emotions over drive me, then why should I cry? but do you have an idea that by doing you are harming yourself. If you do not cry, that sadness will hold on to you and you will keep thinking about it but if you shed tears, it will relieve you and you will feel better and happy after some time. Suppressing any kind of emotion is bad for your mental peace. Better take it out and feel relieved. If you will keep the sadness within you, it will keep on growing.

3. Why crying is better than laughing: no one would believe that crying could be better than laughing. The duration of holding on to an emotional situation is more than a happier one. But if we let the sad emotion flow in the form of tears, the feeling of sadness will go and we will feel light and happier.


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