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Global Handwashing Day - The 7 Steps Of Hand Washing?

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Global Handwashing Day - The 7 Steps Of Hand Washing?

‘Global Handwashing Day’ is celebrated every year to propagate and spread awareness on the importance of hand hygiene. This day is celebrated on the 15th of October every year to help people realize the importance and also to make them understand that hand hygiene is no joke.
Hands are the carriers of deadly viruses, germs and bacteria. The spread of deadly viruses and diseases-carrying germs are mostly transferred from one another through hands. Hence, it is always very important to keep them clean and germ-free by maintaining proper hygiene.
In light of the pandemic, the steps involving handwashing have been listed into numerical pointers as follows. The time recommended by NHS for washing hands is 20 seconds so that all the steps are completed with no haste:

1. Dampen Hands
Wet your hands with plain water and pour liquid hand wash. Rub your hands together to form a good lather.

2. Rub palms in a circular motion
Rub your palm both in circular clockwise and anticlockwise and see the lather foaming even more.

3. Get the back of your hands
Rub the back of each hand by taking help from the opposite. In this way, the back of the hands will be squeaky clean and germ-ridden.

4. Interlink your fingers
Clasp your hands. In this way, your fingers will be interlinked with each other, along with your palms. Any residual germs, dirt and grime in between will now be effectively removed by this.

5. Cup your fingers
Try to cup your fingers together, with the right hand over the left hand and with the interlocked fingers, use this to rub the back of the fingers. Repeat the process with the other hand by swapping the position of the hands.

6. Thumbs Cleaning
Enclose or clasp your right hand over your left thumb and rotate it both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This process can be repeated with the opposite hand by swapping.

7. Palm rub with fingers
Rub your four fingers on your palm using the left hand for right palm and right hand for the left palm.

Once these steps are followed in 20 seconds at least, hands should be washed with lukewarm water and should be wiped with disposable paper towels. Paper towels are the most hygienic way of wiping wet hands without transferring any germs. If an automatic hand dryer is available, that is also good. However, using reusable cloth towels are not advised as they might be carriers of germs and transfer them back of hands.

Following the simple steps of handwashing is rather easy, efficient and an excellent way to maintain hygiene and keep hands clean.

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