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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Getting Up & Lying On Bed And Handling Weight At Work Or Home

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Dr. Deep AryaPhysiotherapist • 29 Years Exp.BPT

Hello friends!

I'm Dr. Deep Arya this side. I am a physiotherapist practicing in Gurgaon and Delhi. I am pass out from Bangalore University. So today here I am there to discuss with you the care of your neck and back. These days the majority of us are instead of using our body, we are abusing it come whatever whether we are using our watching the TV, watching our laptop, watching the smartphone, working on anything. So we are only abusing it. So we need to know the right ways of doing things as you know prevention is always better than cure. So now let's come to another part: getting up and lying down on the bed. That is again very crucial, plays a very crucial role in our day to day life. You always have to remember the three w's: whoever, whenever, wherever. One should get up and lie down by the side.

So, you can have a look at how I am doing it so you can start following that way. Now I have to lie down I have to first turn to lie down on my side and then I can lie down the way I want so that I minimize the strain on my neck and back. Similarly while getting up, again first take a turn on the side, take armrest and then you can get up. This is the right way of doing it. What majority of us do? Now you can think about what you people are doing. See, what's happening now. You tend to sit like this and here we go. So now what's happening we are continuously putting a strain on our neck and back. Similarly, when getting up, again can you see what effort I have to put. So this is the wrong way.

The right way is: take a turn on the side and then get up. So start following this. Remember the three w's: whoever, whenever, wherever. That. Now the next important thing is how we carry our luggage or our laptop bag. The laptop bag is the most common thing people carry to the office. So the problem is we tend to lift the bag and tend to hang it on one side. So when the weight is there, my subconsciously my spine is getting complete strain. So we have to make sure that we use the bag backpack as the school kids do. Can you see? So that I have evenly distributed the weight and now I can walk comfortably and go whatever and down the distance whatever I want to.

This care we need to take on a day to day basis. So, now coming to the lifting of heavy weights. As you people must have heard also, the majority of you know ki how it is to be done but still, we don't follow it on a regular basis. So I am here to demonstrate to you again that thing. How to lift a heavy thing or even a light thing so that we don't end up with the problem? Normally you tend to lift it lift the weight like this and at times if the weight is heavy your back gets caught. Many of you must have experienced the same that while you are lifting something your back has got caught and you have to again lie down on the bed. So the right way of doing it, gradually go down, lift the weight and weight has to be as close to the body as possible and then slowly come up. And now you can lift it and carry it around. So this is the right way. Similarly while keeping it down, go down and keep it. There should be no jerky movement involved at all.

Now as we have discussed the various do's and don'ts of how to take care of your neck and back I hope the video is useful for you and you try implementing the things and I'd also request you to kindly share with all your near and dear so that they also become aware of the right ways of doing the things.

Thank you.

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