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Last Updated: May 12, 2024

Gall Bladder Stone - Can Ayurveda Treat It?

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Dr. P.K. SrivastavaAyurvedic Doctor • 47 Years Exp.Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)


I am Dr. P.K. Srivastava graduated in ayurveda and I used to diagnose through the pulse diagnosis, where I read the pulse of the patient and analysing the physiology and pathological changes in the body, especially I am discussing here about the gallbladder stone.

The gallbladder is the essential organ of the physiology which is situated beneath the liver. Liver releases the bile juice which is collecting in the bile duct and the gallbladder releases the bile juice for digestion through the bile duct and it goes to the intestine. When the liver releases more bile, then this bile is collected in the gallbladder and emptying for the digestion this is the digestive fluid, when liver releases more bile juice then it is collecting and not emptying completely, so it is concentrated and this concentrated bile transforms into small tiny particles like sand and ultimately sometimes it grows bigger and bigger in size.

Some patients have full of sand in their gallbladder, many of them have more solid stones formation in the gallbladder. When these stones block the channel through the neck, then the bile juice is not digesting the food and not going to the intestine maybe sometimes the gallbladder neck is blocked and creating inflammation of gallbladder and that is sometimes it gives pain in the abdomen below the ribs, sometimes in the middle of the abdomen it refers pain to the shoulder and back.

These stones are of two types, the first is cholesterol gallstones. Cholesterol gallstones are the most common type of stone; often, appears yellow in colour. These gallstones are composed mainly of undissolved cholesterol. this cholesterol already dissolves through the bile, but sometimes it does not dissolve and accumulated in the base of the gallbladder and thickened and it coagulates in the form of these stones. The second one is the bile pigment stones, they are dark brown and when bile releases too much bilirubin, then it develops in the gallbladder.

What are the causes of gallbladder stones? doctors think this gallbladder stones may result in bile contains too much cholesterol which is not releasing completely from the gallbladder, so what are the rest of the cholesterol in gallbladder it becomes concentrated and this concentrated ultimately forms in the gallstones, these gallstones mainly dissolves in the gallbladder but which are not dissolved those may block the neck of the gallbladder and ultimately it gives some signs and symptoms of the severe pain, pinching pain and this pain reappears from the middle of the abdomen to the back and shoulders. This may complicate if gallbladder stone blocks channel or block the common bile duct or the pancreas, then it develops pancreatitis. Blockage of the pancreas may begin the complications of gallbladder stones.

The surgery is main, the doctors do not know that what are the complications and after looking at the ultrasonography or CT Scan they advise for the surgery, but in ayurveda, we know that it is formed out of the pitta imbalances. In ayurveda, many of the herbs have the quality to dissolve the stones, not only they dissolve the stones but also helps not to form again. I have many cases of gallbladder stones from 6 mm to 16 mm that are dissolved and they never come back again in the gallbladder, so I would like to advise the gallbladder stone people to not need to have any surgery, go for the remedy of ayurveda. Ayurveda is the complete treatment and it subsides your pain, as well as the removal of the gallbladder, is not sufficient because many digestive juices are blocked, are not used in the digestive system, so the gallbladder is still there and the formation of gallstones has stopped.

Some precautions are there, the patient should not be on an empty stomach, they should use their diet and behaviours timely, keep their lifestyle natural and use more water as well as I advise my patience to hot water sipping every one hour that's why most of the herbal extract releases more and more and dissolve stones and in this way the patient feels more comfortable, no pain, no problems related to gallstones. Some herbal preparations are used for gallbladder stones and its result is better with many patients, it never forms again. Ultrasound shows nothing else in the gallbladder after treatment.


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