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Fungal Infection

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MD - Dermatology
Dermatologist, Delhi  •  12years experience
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I am Dr. Gunjan Agarwal, Dermatologist. Today I will be discussing fungal infection. What all are the causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention. Now I will be discussing causes. It is common in obese individual, hot and humid climate condition, diabetic patients, patients on steroids. It is very common in asthma patients as they usually take steroids, therefore, their immunity is comparatively lower. Same is with diabetic patients.

Now we will discuss symptoms. It can happen anywhere in the body. But most common sites are skin folds like breast, thighs. Symptoms will be like itching, scaly, circular lesion. One should have separate clothes to avoid touch, bedding. Now, what are the treatment and preventive methods? There are many kinds of anti-fungus available in the form of a tablet, capsules, cream, ointment, powders. Fungal treatment needs at least 2-6 weeks or maybe more.

Usually, patients stop the treatment as soon as they see good results and they get the problem again. So, it is very important to stick to the treatment and do not stop taking medicines until your Dr advice. Do not take over the counter medicines. They give you steroid creams. And you will feel better but it is not good for the long run. Always consult a Dr for the problem. Keep your body dry, wear cotton and airy clothes. Take proper treatment and maintain proper hygienes.

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